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10 Best Romance Comedy Anime | Must Watch Rom-Com Anime

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2022)

Romance is a powerful feeling, and watching it unfold on screens is an experience that cannot be replicated. The best romance anime are the ones that make us laugh and sometimes even make us cry.

It can make us feel all sorts of things, from butterflies in the stomach to a warm fuzzy feeling in the chest. It can also make us blush, smile, get misty-eyed, and feel all kinds of emotions.

There is a romance anime for everyone, from the sweetest and most swoony anime to the funniest and most charming ones. So, whether you’re looking for the feel-good anime that will make you laugh or the sweet anime that will make you happy, here are the 10 best romance comedy anime.

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10. And you thought there is never a girl online?

MMO games with high school activities are a huge plus to rom-com. In the world of online communities, Nishimura confesses to Ako. Both become married couples, but all this activity happens in an MMO environment. In the outside world, both of them are just high school students who need to do their homework daily.

To make things even more interesting, all the other group members are from the same school. The show is a decent watch, but apart from that, it also addresses the important issue the current generation is having. In the show, Ako is shown to be too obsessed. She easily trusts strangers, and more importantly, she cannot differentiate between the internet world and reality.

Having said that, it’s a brilliant romance comedy series that is unique and one that we recommend you check out for yourself.

09. Kimi To Boku

Life is so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the future. Four high school boys who have known each other since childhood are having a bad time. However, the arrival of a fresh transfer student brings a new flavor to their lives.

Now, the group of five gets involved in his brilliant yet challenging ideas, which end up adding excitement to their daily lives. As a result, they begin to understand more about each other, and their relation grows stronger. Kimi To Boku is a trip through class struggles and never-ending concerns about one’s future profession.

If you have a rough day at work or school and want to lighten your mood, then Kimi To Boku should be your viewing choice. The art style is somewhat simple and there are no vivid colors but it’s smooth and pleasant to watch.

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08. Tada Never Falls in Love

Tada was taking a picture of a cherry blossom when he ran into a foreign girl named Teresa. Later that day, he met her multiple times. Then Tada decided to bring her to his grandfather’s coffee shop.

After a few occasional meetups, Tada finds out Teresa is now going to live next door and also going to transfer in his school. All these transfer student rom-coms made me realize that I need to transfer to a new school each year to increase my odds. Sadly, my parents did not allow it.

The story mainly focuses on the daily life of high school kids who grew up in a different environment. On the one hand, we are introduced to the main character Tada who does not know much about love, and on the other side, we have the friendly personality of Teresa. I love watching them throughout the show, and I think you all will too.

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07. Fly Me to the Moon

Anyone likes to trade off their isekai life in order to live with a beautiful girl like Tsukasa. Having overpowered abilities and all is one thing but living a lonely life is sad. However, Nasa has made his mark on the moon during his high school entrance exam, but on her way home, he got distracted by a beautiful girl and gets hit by a truck.

On the verge of death, instead of getting the treatment, our MC showed his alpha male ability and confessed her love to which Tsukasa accepted. With only one condition, our MC needs to marry her first. Trap for a trap, I guess.

Now the story follows the cute lifestyle of a newlywed couple. It’s a feel-good romance story that goes straight on point with no bad characters, including plenty of humor to keep you entertained.

06. Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

What happens when a fat kid gets rejected by the girl he used to play around with, who also makes fun of him in return. Likely our MC Masamune suffers from childhood trauma. He was humiliated by a girl named Aki, who nicknamed him Pig’s Foot.

Now to get his revenge for the humiliation he faced, our MC decided to lose weight and became the most good-looking guy in the school. However, to complete his revenge, he has come up with a plan to make Aki fall in love with him and dump her in the end.

Simple, right? But the problem is Aki is not any girl. She is quite popular at school and well known as a brutal princess. Will our MC be able to achieve his goal of getting his revenge? or will everything go as smoothly as planned. Whatever the case is, it will be us who get to see loads of funny moments in the end.

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05. Hensuki

It’s been a while since I watched something like this. Getting a love letter is one thing but when it comes with a full-fledged invitation is definitely something else. Keiki is highly concerned about not having a girlfriend. One day he finds a love letter with underwear in his club room.

However, that love letter did not mention any name. Now Keiki needs to find the sender for which he has several girls in mind, but it turns out all of them are not looking for love. Instead, they all have weird hobbies which they want to fulfill through Keiki.

The story is filled with hilarious moments. I really had a hard time holding my laughter. I don’t want to spoil who wrote the letter part because I highly want you guys to go and find out by yourself so you can thank me later.

04. Magical Sempai

It’s good to have a big loving, caring senpai, especially when you are the only one she can count on. Similarly, in Tanenashi High School, a school magic club is on the verge of closure due to low participation. The club president Sempai is the only one for which our MC is looking for a club with the most minimalist participation.

He came across the club room and there he finds a cute upper classmate suffering from stage fear. Somehow our MC decided to tag along. After all, who can refuse to have good private time with such beauty? Later the club started to expand with other hotties. Deciding to hop in the side character who does not get any girl.

Despite all that, Magical Sempai is by no means a great show and it doesn’t try to be one. However, who doesn’t like to watch some good fan service anime? I watched it just for the sake of Sempai.

03. We Never Learn

Our MC, Nariyuki, comes from a poor family. The only goal he had was to make her family happy and the only way he could think of is to get a good grade. That helps him to get the special VIP recommendation which covers all his future education expenses. Luckily, he soon got the chance by his principal, where he was offered to get the letter.

However, things in anime don’t go so easily. He needs to trade his soul to the principal for the letter, just kidding. For that, he needs to provide some good education to two of the school’s most popular girls.

Despite all the ups and downs, Nariyuki had to figure out something to deal with this new awkward situation. The plus point of this series is not the plot but the fan service it offers, which can be a solid reason to bookmark for many ones out there.

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02. Oreshura

Romance with Tsundere girl is always the best pick for me, especially when it has some sisterly love toppings. Eita’s parents got divorced due to their incapabilities. By which Eita always feels skeptical about love. He decided to devote his full life to his studies.

Now our MC’s dream is to become a doctor one day. On the other hand, Natsukawa is always getting various proposals and she is tired of rejecting them. So, she decides to make Eita her fake boyfriend to get rid of all her love problems which doesn’t go the way she thinks.

Oreshura is unlike the other typical high school romance anime. It has more of a rom-com than you might have anticipated. Packed with loads of funny moments, which is exactly what we are looking for on this list.

01. O Maidens in Your Savage Season

The matter of wrecks is always showcased in a way that sometimes it is filled with so much fan service that the actual content gets blown away. But when it comes to demonstrating the raw feelings during the puberty stage, O Maidens did it in the best way possible.

Izumi and Kazusa, two kids grew up together in the same neighborhood. As they grew up together, Kazusa started to feel some urges, and unlike the other kids, she was curious. Whereas Izumi tries his best to get rid of his feelings in the best way possible.

One day after school, Kazusa went to our MC house and there she found him in the most awkward situation. Soon all her feelings burst out and now she needs to figure out something to control her sanity. I guess both need to have a mutual understanding and try helping each other out.


Do you agree with our list of the 10 best romance comedy anime? Tell us your favorite rom com anime in the comment below.

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