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130+ Hiro Mashima Manga Volumes Now Available Digitally on Humble Bundle

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2023)

Humble Bundle recently unveiled an extraordinary deal, offering Hiro Mashima’s extensive manga collection, comprising more than 130 volumes and appraised at an impressive $1400, for a mere $30. This exclusive bundle encompasses acclaimed series such as Fairy Tail, Edens Zero, Rave Master, alongside an assortment of enthralling spin-offs and diverse works.

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$5 tier:

  • 1-10 of Fairy Tail Volumes
  • 1-2 of Edens Zero Volumes
  • 1-3 of Rave Master Volumes

$18 tier:

  • 11-30 of Fairy Tail Volumes
  • 3-4 of Edens Zero Volume
  • 1 of Hiro Mashima’s Playground Volumes
  • 4-12 of Rave Master Volume
  • 1 of Fairy Tail S Volume
  • 1 of Fairy Tail Zero Volumes

$25 tier:

  • 31-50 of Fairy Tail Volumes
  • 5-6 of Edens Zero Volumes
  • 13-25 of Rave Master Volumes
  • 1-2 of Monster Soul Volume
  • 1 of Fairy Girls Volumes

$30 tier:

  • 51-63 of Fairy Tail Volumes
  • 7-17 of Edens Zero Volumes
  • 26-35 of Rave Master Volumes
  • 1-2 of Fairy Tail: Happy’s Heroic Adventure Volumes
  • 1-2 of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Volumes
  • 1-2 of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail Volume
  • 2 of Fairy Girls Volume
  • 2 of Fairy Tail S Volumes
  • 1-2 of Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral Volumes

By acquiring this bundle, you provide crucial aid to Binc, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, which extends assistance to bookstore proprietors, booksellers, and owners of comic stores during unanticipated financial crises. This offer remains valid until June 22, ensuring a valuable contribution towards supporting those in need.


Source | Humble Bundle Website

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