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15 Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

Isekai is a great fantasy genre in which our protagonist is transported to, reborn, or transmigrated into another world. In most of these anime and manga, the protagonist being transported is generally male. But there are also some great manga and manhwa in which the protagonist is female.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the best Manga/Manhwa in the isekai genre with a strong female lead.

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15. Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

The FL was reincarnated in a Reverse harem Otome game as the villainess Cecilia Silvy. No matter what route, only death awaits her. To prevent that she decides to cross-dress and live as a man in the academy.

But one day, she accidentally got involved in the tutorial battle which she had skipped while playing the game because she was too lazy. To protect her, her brother passes on a treasure to her that makes her one of the seven knights that protect the saintess candidate. Will she be able to keep her gender a secret while being the center of attention as a knight?

14. Her Majesty’s Swarm

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

Our protagonist plays a real-time strategy game in which 21 factions compete against each other to rule the world. The FL is the leader of one of these factions called “Arachnea” which consists of swarms. One day, after she lost consciousness, she woke in the world of the game as a 14-year-old girl and the leader of Arachnea.

To survive, she decides to accept her position as the leader of Arachnea. Then she uses her knowledge of the game to form friendly relations with her neighboring village of Elves but when a kingdom’s knights attack the Elven village, she must take revenge. However, revenge is just an excuse to attack the countries of this world.

13. Eiyuuou, Bu wo Kiwameru Tame Tenseisu: Soshite,
Sekai Saikyou no Minarai Kishi

Inglis was just a rural-born commoner who set himself up as a mercenary and with hard work was able to become a half-god knight. He even built his kingdom and ruled as a wise & powerful king. But soon, his end came. In his last moments, he asked the goddess for a second chance and to be reborn.

He was reborn into the house of the head of the knights. The only problem is that he was born as a girl. Follow the Hero-King Inglis reborn as a girl on her journey to become an extraordinary squire.

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12. What It Takes to be a Villainess

Hwayoung just had her heart broken because of a villain and to make matters worse, she falls into the river by accident. When she opened her eyes again, she had been born again into a new world as the villainess Satiana Kaylon, the only daughter of House Kaylon.

Soon, she is chosen as a candidate to be the new queen of the empire. But the previous soul of the body had done too much damage and now, everyone is against her. Will she be able to survive in the royal palace with people full of schemes against her? To survive she must become an evil villainess.

11. Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter

The FL is a normal office worker who enjoys playing Otome games. After playing a game all night, the next day she gets into an accident. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in the very game she was playing last night.

Her soul was transmigrated into the body of Iris Almeria, the daughter of Duke Almeria and the fiancée of the crown prince. In the story, she is a villainess who harasses the original female lead and is rejected by the prince. It just so happens that she took over Iris’s body right as she is being confronted by the prince.
She is somehow able to save herself from exile but if she wants to survive in this world, she would have to change the story.

10. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

Eunha was waitlisted for all the colleges to which she had applied. As she was waiting for the result by the river, someone she can’t remember started talking to her. Then the result came and she was selected but her joy was short-lived as that someone she was talking to pushed her into the river.

The next thing she knew, she was inside the world of a novel as an unfortunate extra who was destined to die. To survive the story, she comes up with a plan – to pretend to be the fake fiancée of the novel’s male lead, Duke Noah. But will the cold-hearted Noah be able to save her from death?

9. I Belong to House Castielo

Estelle was sold off by her own mother. Her mother was a prostitute who treated her harshly but when she was four, she remembered the memories of her past life. The memories from when she was a normal 23-year-old college student.

She was bought by Duke Ein Castielo…who’s her real father. He’s a powerful duke known for his red eyes and immense magic powers and she’s his only daughter. Estelle’s life is about to be changed completely.

8. Reincarnated as a Sword

Fran, a twelve-year-old girl of the beast kin race, is a slave who wishes she had a sword so that she can cut down the ones who enslaved, tortured, and killed the people of her race. Then one day, while passing through a forest with other slaves, she hears a voice calling out to her.

Then suddenly a beast attacked their carriage and she got a chance to escape. While escaping she finds a sword that turns out is the owner of the voice that was calling out to her. Within the sword resides the soul of a man from another world. She somehow manages to escape from the slave trader by using the sword. She vows to reclaim the glory of her race with the help of the mysterious sword.

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7. The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

The FL was someone who was always bullied by one of her classmates. When things became unbearable, she gave up and jumped from her school’s building but then the girl who bullied her also accidentally fell with her.

But the FL was reincarnated into the world of a novel she enjoyed as the villainess Dahlia who’s destined to die and to make matters worse, her bully was reincarnated as the protagonist of the novel. To get her revenge, she decides to join hands with the half-brother of the Male lead Duke Yohan, the villain of the story.

6. Living as the Tyrants Older Sister

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

When Yuna opened her eyes, she was in a novel and the body of Alicia Innocente, the older sister of the main villain of the story. In the story, she is killed by her brother, so, she comes up with a plan to run away by seducing a minor character named Lancelot who was about to leave the country.

She found Lancelot at a party and even ended up sleeping with him. But the next day, she finds out that his real name is actually Ares and he’s the Male lead of the story. Why the hell is the Male lead in my bed??!!!

5. Why She Lives as a Villainess

Jeongyun is horrified to realize that she has been transmigrated into the world of a cliche romance novel as Lecian Fucernien. Fortunately, she’s the Female lead of the story, a villainess who wakes in the past and uses her knowledge of the future to get her revenge. But she takes over the body before the original FL goes back in time.

As the story progresses, she is going to die and come back in time but since she already knows the future, she decides to change the story by foiling the plans of her evil father and avoiding her engagement to the crown prince.

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4. So I’m a Spider, So What?

Kumoku was having another normal day at school when she was suddenly struck by intense pain. When she regained consciousness, she found herself trapped in a mysterious hard shell. She used all of her strength to break through the walls of the dark shell but then found herself surrounded by an army of spiders. She had been reincarnated in another world…… as a spider!!!

How is she going to survive in a strange world as one of the weakest monsters? Is she the only one who was reincarnated? First, she must survive and then figure out what to do next.

3. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

Elise was a princess of a kingdom but then she died and was reincarnated in the modern world. In this new life, she worked hard to become the youngest professor at the College of Medicine in South Korea. But in this life too, her end came too soon and she met her end over the ocean.

But she was reincarnated again and woke up as Princess Elise. So, she decides to use her knowledge of modern medicine to become a doctor and help the people of the empire. Is this a chance for her to correct her past mistakes or is history going to repeat itself?

2. Empress of Another World

Sabina was just a normal girl living in Korea but then she was reincarnated into another world. There, she was adopted by a duke, only to be sold off to the ugly and incompetent king in place of the duke’s real daughter.

But then the king is assassinated by the crown prince and to stop him from killing her too, she offers to help him. Will she be able to survive in the royal palace full of poisonous people who want the throne for themselves?

1. Lady Baby

Best Isekai Manga/Manhwa with a Strong Female Lead

Calliope lost her entire family one by one. First, her father died in an accident, and then her brothers also came back dead after they went to investigate her father’s death. And the investigation by the police ended with her being framed for their deaths.


As she was prepared to die, she sang a song in front of her family’s graves, and then a mysterious woman appeared and gave her a second chance at life. Reborn as her baby self, she must find out the truth behind her family’s death and use her memories of the future to change it. Also check out best mangas where protagonist gets stronger by killing more & more opponents .

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