18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts 2022

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2022)

If you have an anime lover among your friends or family but happen to know nothing about what to gift to them, we are here to help! We prepared dozens of options for gifts for fans of anime, so you won’t have any problem with choosing a gift on New Year, birthday, or any other holiday.

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

How To Choose the Best Gift?

Gifts that are chosen based on hobbies or interests are considered universal. The same can be applied to the birthday surprise, holiday gift, or any other celebration. Given the huge and updated range of products for fans of Japanese animation, finding a great gift shouldn’t be that difficult, even if you do not understand this genre of animation

The following tips will help everyone make the right choice for an anime fan:

• Discover the favorite genre of anime of the person you preparing gift for, and choose a souvenir related to their favorite anime.

• If you are choosing a gift for your friend, it’s shouldn’t be difficult for you to find out which anime posters they like the most. That information will really help you when you go to the anime store for picking a gift.

• If a person you are choosing gift for is a longtime fan of anime, you might want to discuss your future gift with them first, because you might buy the item that they already have in their collection.

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18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

Practical Anime Gifts

For wide variety of not only cute but also practical anime styled things, you can choose useful things that have day-to-day use. The following options are perfect:

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts
  1. stands for pencils and pens;
  2. wallets;
  3. pencil cases;
  4. anime phone case;
  5. notebooks;
  6. scarves;
  7. bags;
  8. T-shirts;
  9. pies;
  10. hats.

This is not the full list, the actual range of anime styled stuff that you can buy is so great that it’s impossible to evaluate.

Mini Anime Gifts

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

The variety of upcoming anime shows out there is huge, and no clear way to find out the favorite anime of your friend or soulmate, it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find a great gift which is sure to earn a special place in your anime lover’s heart. Sometimes, even a small gift may be the best one. Mini anime gifts includes the following g souvenirs:

• badges;

• keychains;

• pendants;

• jewelry;

• stationery;

• posters.

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

Anime Figurines

Anime figures are also part of the Japanese subculture, without them it simply would not be itself. The Japanese really like to collect statuettes of their favorite characters, so they even have huge malls, shops and entire markets that only sell anime figures. Most of the figures are usually characters from popular anime and TV shows or manga. The figurine of the same character are sold in variety of style and might be built by a different companies that specialized on merchandise.

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

Anime figurines are very different in price. Two identical figurines may differ in price several times over, but an experienced collector will immediately see significant differences, ranging from the smallest deviation in the proportions of the figurines’ parts to the texture and neatness of the paint layer. In many respects, the characteristics of the figurine depend on the manufacturer, of which there are about a hundred in Japan. Some models are manufactured on an industrial scale, some parties are sold exclusively in a set with games and manga, and some exclusive figurines are a real treasure and are issued in small quantities. In order not to get lost in such a variety, it is worth distinguishing the figures by type, as well as special signs of belonging to a particular category.

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Cosplay Photoshoot

18 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans: Best Anime Gifts

Giving the gift of a cosplay photoshoot session is not cheap. It’s a thoughtful, artful, original, genuine experience and results in family albums that last for generations. For these reasons, it’s not something thatis given or received often, but when it is, it is a gift of love.

Services that specialized on anime photoshoot will guide their clients on choosing a location and wardrobe, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The experience of shooting cosplay session is really fun, and with a professional photographer, the result is a set of artfully edited portraits that capture the complete aura of the character.


Practical gifts, like notebooks or pins, are always a universal choice and a great option for those who are a big fan of collecting various things, especially if it has an admirable anime character on it.

Keychains and small figurines are the perfect small gift for almost anyone. If the person for whom the gift is intended is a gamer, a good choice would also be an anime game. A great gift would be an invitation to participate in the animation film contest, or an invitation to such an event as a spectator.

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