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4th Season of “Yatogame-chan Kanastsu Nikki” Will Start on 2nd April, broadcast on AT-X

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2022)

Masaki Ando TV anime “Original by Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 4 Satsume ” will be announced. From 20:54 on April 2, broadcasting will start on TV Aichi, BS11, and AT-X in sequence.

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“Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 4 Satsume”, which is the 4th period of TV animation. The first time, “Notice Special Program” is scheduled to be broadcast, and the main part of the animation will start in the second week.

In addition, along with the latest broadcast, AT-X will also broadcast the past series at once. The first period will be on air on March 30, the second period on 31st, and the third period on April 1st.

In addition, crowdfunding to commemorate the 4th broadcast is being held on the CAMPFIRE site. 

Various returns were prepared, such as sending limited goods, posting the name on the ending credit, and planning for the costume “Ookii Yatogame-chan” to visit the supporters. 

Support is being solicited until 23:59 on March 17. Check the crowdfunding page for details on the project.

“Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki” is a dialect, culture, and prefectural character of Nagoya and the Chukyo area through the explicit Nagoya dialect-speaking high school girl Yatogame-chan and the transfer student from Tokyo, Jinkaito. 

A comedy that draws the story of. The original is being serialized in the monthly Comic REX (Ichijinsha), and the TV animation was broadcast in the first period in 2019, the second period in 2020, and the third period in 2021.


Source: Crunchyroll

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