In an exciting development for anime fans worldwide, the acclaimed animation collection “Genius Party Beyond” from Studio 4°C has been made available to stream free on YouTube. This rare treat will be available from May 19th to June 19th, 2023.

Studio 4°C, recognized for their groundbreaking work on “Children of the Sea,” “Tekkonkinkreet,” and “Animatrix,” unveiled this project with a simple yet compelling vision. They amassed an all-star team of some of the most esteemed animators in the industry, granting each the freedom to craft a unique short story. The outcome was “Genius Party” and its sequel “Genius Party Beyond”—two animated anthology films replete with unparalleled imagination, captivating worlds, and distinct visual styles.

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“Genius Party Beyond,” released in 2008, comprises five short films, each representing the unique style and creativity of its respective animator:

  1. “GALA” by Mahiro Maeda – A gagaku-fantasy presented in a playful style that was never seen before.
  2. “MOONDRIVE” by Kazuto Nakazawa – Set on the lunar city, this whimsical animation charts a ‘Moondrive’ to the fabled “Giants Island” noted on a treasure map.
  3. “Wanwa” the Doggy by Shinya Ohira – A heartfelt tribute to mothers, showing a young boy embarking on a dream adventure.
  4. “Tojin Kit” by Tatsuyuki Tanaka – A tale of everyday life pleasantly interrupted by encompassing industrial noise, featuring a mysterious creature brought to life by a little girl.
  5. “Dimension Bomb” by Koji Morimoto – This piece paints a lonely character’s joys and sorrows, exploring the intricacies of their inner world and breaking into a new dimension.

The release of “Genius Party Beyond” for free streaming is a golden opportunity for both long-time fans and newcomers to the genre. It’s a limited-time offering, serving as a celebration of the immense talent and creativity that defines the Japanese animation industry. Make sure to mark your calendars and not miss out on this chance to dive into these fantastic worlds that only Studio 4°C can deliver.


Source – STUDIO4C YT

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