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5 Times Naruto Suffered through Trauma Alone

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2022)

Naruto series is very close to every anime fan’s heart. Though it is depicted as a shonen series, this has other prominent themes as well. The protagonist, Naruto was presented as a subject of societal hatred and alienation, and several scenes show how an orphan child endures all these traumas and deals with them alone. Though it is often shown that Naruto has a bunch of friends, things were not that easy at first.

5 Times Naruto Suffered through Trauma Alone

Konoha’s Hatred

Most of the villagers of the Hidden Lead were not gentle towards our hero from his early childhood days. This feeling gave him trauma, but it also helped him grow stronger. He was seen as a little devil because the Nine-Tails beast was sealed inside him.

The parents of other children did not want him near their children, and nobody cared for him unless Hinata and Sasuke did.

Fate of Zabuza and Haku

Naruto’s character faced a drastic change when he went on a mission with Team 7 to deal with a rogue ninja Zabuza. Naruto faced the trauma of being weak in this arc, and this particular mission shaped his brilliant ninja career. He saw how Sakura and Sasuke were easily defeated by these rogue ninjas and also felt how weak his skills were. Though it was a story with complex philosophies, our little hero also felt for the foes he faced.

Orochimaru’s Heir

Orochimaru, one of the three legendary sannin, was impressed by Sasuke’s scarlet Uchiha eyes and determined to make the second last survivor of the legendary Uchiha clan member his next vessel. This ark was the most important ark before Naruto Shippuden. At the end of this arc, Sasuke chose Orochimaru as his mentor and decided to leave his friends from Konoha behind. Naruto tried his best to stop Sasuke to make it happen, but he was ultimately defeated by his best friend.

His Friends

Gaara’s temporary death also made Naruto traumatized again. This did not happen for the last time, as he went on a rampage after Hinata’s death at the hands of Pain. So, whenever Naruto gets traumatized, Kurama becomes more powerful to take over Naruto’s body. Our Uzumaki boy faces trauma every time he sees his friends get hurt by others.

Death of Jiraya

Under the mentorship of Jiraya, Naruto learned a lot about the philosophy of life. His master was his actual parent in his orphaned life. This feeling was not one-sided as Jiraya had great faith in his stupidest but bravest student Naruto. But when Jiraya sacrificed himself to learn the secret of Pain, Naruto was not able to control his trauma. His role model or his master or his father figure, Jiraya was no more to guide him.

Throughout his life, Naruto tried his best to become the greatest Hokage of all time, but he unknowingly surpassed them all. Though he faced hatred and alienation from society, he overcame everything through good deeds. Naruto is the perfect example of how to overcome trauma and be the best version of yourself.


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