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8 Million Views Achieved: Mori Calliope’s ‘Future Island’ on One Piece Track

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2023)

After her successful debut album last year, hololive VTuber Mori Calliope is back with a new single, “Future Island,” a captivating collaboration with the beloved manga series ONE PIECE.

The music video has already garnered an impressive 8 million streams since its release on July 3.

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Calliope’s work on the track serves as a promotion for One Piece manga volume #106, which was launched on July 4. This volume delves into the thrilling Egghead Arc, an exciting storyline following the epic Wano arc.

As the first hololive English talent to make a major label debut, Calliope continues to achieve remarkable feats. Both her debut EPs soared to the top, hitting No. 1 on the iTunes Album Chart, Daily Chart, and iTunes HIPHOP Chart in both the U.S. and Japan.

Her first EP, SHINIGAMI NOTE, impressively claimed the iTunes Album Chart’s top spot in six countries, while also reaching #1 on the iTunes HIPHOP Album Chart in an impressive 16 countries worldwide. Furthermore, her debut album SINDERELLA, released by Universal Music Group/EMI Records on December 16, performed exceptionally well on the Top Current Album Sales chart on the esteemed US Billboard.

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In a grand celebration of her talent, Calliope headlined her first concert, titled “Mori Calliope Major Debut Concert New Underworld Order,” held at Toyosu PIT on July 21. The event was an international sensation, streamed in 75 countries and regions, and dominated social media trends, ranking #1 in the U.S., #2 in Japan, and #3 globally on Twitter.


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