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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a side-scrolling beat ’em up developed by Russian independent game studio Sobaka Studio and published by Ravenscourt and Buka Entertainment with Teyon in Japan and Sonkwo in China.

The story recreates the atmosphere of the kung fu movies of the 70s. This is a character-building story about a simple fisherman who goes on to become one of the Shaolin masters. In this way, you pass the tests of life, meet new people with their unique personalities, and learn about revenge and death. Some of the people he met become his friends and others betray him. But despite all the difficulties of the difficult path, he has chosen to strive to make his mark in history by saving his homeland and the entire world from evil.

Although the game world tries to adhere to actual historical events, places, weapons, and characters as much as possible, it also has magic, supernatural beings, and other fantasy elements. This setting is the combination of true history with mysticism and fables, as is customary in the Chinese fantasy genre of Wuxia.

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There are five enemy clans in Wokou in the game, one for each chapter.

The Green Clan – barefoot pirates
The Red Clan: the same pirates but more professionals
The Yellow Clan: a mystical ninja sect
The White Clan: a great Shimazu samurai clan
The Black Clan: Enryaku-ji’s Remaining Monks and Their Associates
Each clan leader wears a mask from the Japanese Noh theater, which reflects their personality. The names of the leaders are pseudonyms taken from the names of the masks.

At the end of each mission, the player gains upgrade points that can be spent at the master monk’s camp. A conversation with him will bring up a single branching technique tree, where the main topic for improvement is the different combinations and techniques for each of the three lines.

Basic support Basic support is available from the beginning. Enabled by default. Classic weapon hits on the ground.
Acrobatic Stand is available at the beginning of Chapter Two.
Magic Support Appears at the beginning of Chapter Three. It allows the player to create seals on the ground, which are circular areas, which operate for a certain period of time and produce a particular effect inside.

There are three types of items: weapons (canes, spears), footwear (puttees, slippers), and rosaries. Weapons are the main responsible for attacks by personnel; Footwear is responsible for jumping and dodging attacks, and prayer beads are responsible for Qi and the effects of the seals. The player can bring one item from each category to each level.

There are 6 types of enemies, which differ mainly in appearance, hit points and techniques: thugs, ashigaru, ninja, samurai, ghosts and sohei. Each type of enemy can have different weapons and consequently different attack techniques and versions. For example, ashigaru may be armed with a spear, sword, or arquebus, and in each case, they have a different fighting style, as well as some differences in appearance.

Multiplayer is available as a co-op mode of the same story campaign as in single-player mode. Two players can participate in cooperative mode, either online or on a local area network.


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