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94% of Japanese Creators Worried About AI, Survey Reveals

A recent survey conducted by Arts Workers Japan has revealed that a significant majority of Japanese creators, approximately 94%, have expressed concerns about the potential negative effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on their work. The survey, which included around 25,000 participants, found that creators were particularly worried about issues such as rights infringement associated with AI.

According to reports cited in the survey, some creators have experienced negative encounters with AI, including instances where their artwork was stolen by AI and distributed on foreign websites without their consent. This unauthorized use of their work not only undermines their rights as creators but also raises concerns about intellectual property and artistic integrity.

Furthermore, creators have reported cases where their published voice samples were altered by AI and resold as voice changer models. Such manipulation not only compromises the authenticity of the creators’ voices but also raises ethical questions about the boundaries of AI-generated content.

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In response to these concerns, the Arts Workers Japan Association has called for government regulations to address the potential risks associated with AI-created works. They have proposed mandatory measures that would require the display of original data and/or compensation to the original creators whenever AI-generated works are shared or sold.

The aim of implementing these regulations is to protect the rights of creators and ensure fair compensation for their artistic contributions. Such measures would also serve as a deterrent to those who might exploit AI technology for unauthorized use of copyrighted material or unethical alteration of creators’ work.

The survey conducted by Arts Workers Japan and the subsequent call for government regulations highlight the importance of ongoing discussions and collaboration between the AI and arts communities. While AI presents exciting opportunities for innovation and creative expression, it is crucial to establish ethical boundaries and safeguards to protect the rights and interests of creators.

As AI continues to advance, finding a balance between technological progress and the preservation of artistic integrity becomes increasingly vital. The collaboration between creators, AI developers, and governing bodies can help address concerns, create guidelines, and foster a supportive environment where AI and the arts can coexist harmoniously.


Source: Anime News Network

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