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9th Vol Marks the End of ‘Diamond in the Rough’ Manga

Nao Sasaki took to Twitter last Thursday to share the news that the manga “Diamond in the Rough” (Aragane no Ko) will conclude its storyline within the upcoming ninth compiled volume.

The manga embarked on its final narrative arc with Chapter 57, which was released on May 3.

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Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service serves as the platform for the English publication of this manga and offers the following synopsis:

In a world where “stone” holds paramount significance, Akaboshi, a skilled ore craftsman, stumbles upon an underground village and encounters a young boy with a petrified left foot.

Diamond in the Rough' Manga

Little does he know, this boy is driven by a profound purpose—to locate the man bearing a distinctive three-line piercing, all while harboring a hidden secret. Together, they embark on a journey to rescue the boy’s family.

Sasaki initiated this captivating manga in Shonen Jump+ in November 2020. Shueisha recently released the seventh volume on April 4, with the eighth volume scheduled for publication on October 4.

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Shueisha commenced its English publication of “Diamond in the Rough” on MANGA Plus in September 2021, providing readers with the latest chapters as they are released in Japan.


Source | Nao Sasaki’s Twitter account

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