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A Closer Look at the Emperor’s Crew in One Piece Chapter 1079!

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

Chapter 1078 of One Piece brings a storm of revelations that shake the very foundation of the World Government and the traitor lurking among Dr. Vegapunk’s Satellites. Stussy, a member of the World Government, informs Sentomaru, a young Marine, that Egghead poses a greater threat than Ohara. In a desperate bid to save the residents, Sentomaru orders an immediate evacuation of the island, warning them of the impending danger.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are still fighting the Seraphim, despite knowing their possible weakness. Luffy’s group struggles to overpower them, leaving the fate of their battle uncertain.

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The chapter then takes a dramatic turn as the traitor’s identity is finally revealed. The lazy and ambitious York, a Satellite under Dr. Vegapunk’s command, confesses her treachery to Stella, shocking him to the core. York’s intentions are clear – to become a Celestial Dragon and rule over the world with Vegapunk’s power. The Stella is appalled by York’s decision, but she argues that the world only needs one Vegapunk, and that would be her.

In Chapter 1079, the narrative rewinds a few hours, where York confides in the Seraphim about her fear of being targeted by the World Government. She instructs them to use the downed Frontier Dome to eliminate anyone who stands in her way, except for her, the Stella, and the people underground. York orders S-Snake to petrify her in front of everyone to hide her treachery and instructs them on what part of the lab not to destroy. The Seraphim begin their ruthless hunt for the other Satellites and their allies, leaving chaos in their wake.

Meanwhile, the Red-Haired Pirates, led by Shanks, make their appearance on Elbaph, where they confront the Kid Pirates. The silly-looking Frog-Toes Ribbitini, Frugar the Adventurer, and Pururu the Brr-Rave are the first to engage them. However, Kid is unimpressed and doubts their allegiance to the Red-Haired Pirates. Killer warns him not to underestimate their opponents, as there are notorious individuals among their ranks.

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Shanks commands his crew to move all the ships blocking their path, reminding them of their reputation for being weak. He reviews Kid’s history and inquires about their recovery from their injuries in Wano. Yasopp confirms that they are ready to fight. As the Kid Pirates face off against the Red-Haired Pirates, Shanks’ Color of Observation Haki allows him to see a future that leaves him with no choice but to confront Kid directly. He unleashes his Divine Departure on the young pirate, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

In summary, the events of Chapters 1078 and 1079 of One Piece unveil shocking revelations, traitorous intentions, and intense battles that threaten to change the course of the series forever.

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The clash between the Kid Pirates and the legendary Red-Haired Shanks was a sight to behold. As the two sides faced off, tension filled the air like an electric charge. Suddenly, Shanks unleashed a devastating attack that not only crippled the Kid Pirates’ ship but also sent their captain, Kid, tumbling to the ground. Even their first mate, Killer, wasn’t spared as he valiantly tried to shield his leader.

The scene was chaotic, as the crew members of the Kid Pirates were flung in all directions. It was a miracle that any of them survived the onslaught. But as they tried to regroup and attend to their wounded captain, they realized the extent of the damage. With their ship in ruins and their crew scattered, they knew they had no choice but to surrender.

The Kid Pirates handed over their prized possessions, the Road Poneglyphs, to the Emperor and begged for mercy. They knew they had crossed a line by pointing their cannon-like weapon at Elbaph, and they were about to face the consequences of their actions.

And oh boy, did they feel the consequences! As if on cue, two massive giants, Dorry and Brogy, appeared on the scene, ready to unleash their devastating Hakoku Sovereignty attack. The Kid Pirates were caught off guard, and their ship was split in two as the giants swung their weapons with incredible force. It was a sight to behold, as the very same attack that had once saved the Straw Hat Pirates was now being used against the Kid Pirates.


In the end, it was clear that the Kid Pirates had met their match in Red-Haired Shanks and his allies. The three-billion-bounty crew was destroyed, and whether any of them survived remained a mystery. It was a clear reminder that actions have consequences, and in the world of One Piece, the consequences can be deadly.

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