A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime’s ending song sung by Akari Kitō

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2023)

On Saturday, the official website for the TV anime adaptation of Hatsuharu’s manga “A Girl & Her Guard Dog” (Ojō to Banken-kun) unveiled exciting news. Akari Kitō, known for voicing the protagonist Isaku Senagaki, will be lending her vocal talents to the anime’s ending theme song titled “Magie×Magie.” This eagerly anticipated song is set to make its debut in Japan as Kitō’s fifth single on October 11.

The highly anticipated anime is set to debut this October, featuring Yuichiro Umehara in a leading role as Keiya Utō. Overseeing the project is Nobuhiro Takamoto (known for Beelzebub and VazzRock the Animation) as the director at project No.9.

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Handling the series composition is Aya Satsuki (renowned for My Master Has No Tail and Too Cute Crisis), while character designs are expertly crafted by Yukiko Ban (notable for .hack//SIGN, Shining Tears X Wind, and Yowamushi Pedal).

Kodansha USA Publishing is set to digitally release the manga in English, providing an eloquent description of the series:

Isaku never expected to bear the burden of being the daughter of a yakuza boss. Tragedy struck when her parents perished in a car crash when she was merely 5 years old. Embracing her into the fold, her gangster grandfather raised her as an integral part of the clan. However, the weight of her family ties caused her to be shunned by her peers throughout the years. Now, as she steps into high school, Isaku yearns to unveil a semblance of normalcy, discover love, and embark on a path untainted by her past. Little did she know, her unwavering guardian and loyal family servant, 26-year-old Keiya, would accompany her through the halls of academia, vowing to shield her from every threat that may arise. Thus, she finds herself entangled in the clutches of a cigarette-smoking, gun-toting knight-in-(not so)shiny armor, all while navigating the intricacies of high school life. In this precarious situation, what course of action shall this young lady pursue?

Hatsuharu debuted the manga in Bessatsu Friend in December 2018, and its eighth volume was published by Kodansha in Japan during October 2022. Unfortunately, the manga has been on hiatus since March. However, there’s some good news as Kodansha USA digitally released the eighth volume in English on March 21. Additionally, Kodansha also publishes Hatsuharu’s Can I Kiss You Every Day? manga in English.


Sources | A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime’s websiteMoCa News

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