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A Short Animation by Voice Actor Reiō Tsuchida “Nanamental” Premiere on 30th May

Voice actor Reiou Tsuchida will release a short animation “Nanamental” co-produced with FIREBUG on his Twitter from May 30th. “Nana Mental” is a short animation in which Dota acts as a character draft, a script for all episodes, voice editing, and even performers. 

The daily life of Naname Hasumi, a high school student who has “naname” feelings, and the people around her are depicted in the trivial and moody events of each day. Yurina Amami will play the role of Name, and Tsuchida will play her childhood friend and fairness.

Furthermore, Himika Akaneya will play the role of “God” in a small shrine. Tsuda is in charge of character design and illustration. Tsuchida has shown his motivation to make things by frequently uploading illustrations and manga he drew on Twitter. 

“At first, I was only planning to write a draft and a few episodes, but then I couldn’t stand it, and I couldn’t stand it. It was my first time making a lot of works that I made while seriously colliding with each other. “

Source: Anime News Network


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