ॐ गुरुदेव नमः

Anime India is an online entertainment news website which was launched in 2018. The site offers news in the field of anime, manga, anime-manga fan theories, television, films, video games, comic books and film theories. It was started by Arjun Arya and Arjun Goyal. Head quarters in Jagraon, Ludhiana, Punjab.


We liked reading Manga , Comics and watching Anime and Movies . We lived to talk and discuss about them so then we started this website AnimeIndia to share our views reviews of anime , manga, comics and movies so today we are getting more and more people who loves anime and manga , comics and movies and people interacts with us and each other and we really like Job.

About Team

Arjun Arya

Engineer by graduation love to watch anime , movies and read manga, comics , books and play games.

Yoga instructor , Book Writer, Life Skill teacher by professtion.

Arjun Goyal