Ai Tanaka’s Tengu no Daidokoro Manga to Come to Life in October Live-Action Series

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2023)

On Monday, BS-TBS revealed exciting plans for a live-action adaptation of Ai Tanaka’s manga, “Tengu no Daidokoro” (Tengu’s Kitchen). The series, set to premiere on October 5th on BS-TBS and BS-TBS 4K, will consist of 10 episodes.

The cast features Kiita Komagine in the role of Motoi Izuna, Akihisa Shiono portraying Yui Atago, and Keitatsu Koshiyama as On Izuna. Steering the project are directors Kakeru Nagashima, Hikota Shimoda, Hirokawa Hayashida, and Hayato Kawai.

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Scriptwriting duties are undertaken by Yukiko Sode, Yoshitatsu Yamada, Chihiro Amano, Hiromu Kumamoto, and Miharu Nara. The captivating music will be composed by VaVa (SUMMIT, Inc.).

Ai Tanaka's Tengu no Daidokoro Manga

At the heart of the manga’s narrative are two brothers, On and Motoi. Descendants of tengu, enigmatic goblin-like creatures from Japanese folklore, the revelation of their heritage comes to On at the age of 14. The story beautifully unravels as they navigate a life separated from conventional society, providing an insightful glimpse into their daily lives.

Tanaka’s artistic journey took shape with the debut of “Tengu no Daidokoro” in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in September 2021. The second compiled volume of the manga was released by Kodansha on February 21. Tanaka’s earlier works include the well-received “Apple Children of Aeon” (Sennen Mannen Ringo no Ko), serialized in Kodansha’s ITAN magazine from 2011 to 2014. Notably, Kodansha USA Publishing is making this manga accessible to English-speaking audiences.

Further enriching Tanaka’s portfolio is “King in Limbo,” which graced the pages of ITAN from 2016 to June 2018.

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Following the magazine’s closure, the manga found a new home on Kodansha’s Comic Days app in August 2018, concluding in August 2019. The English-speaking readership is also in for a treat, courtesy of Kodansha USA Publishing.


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