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Alita Battle Angel : First Reaction Review

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)
Alita Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel is finally Released and every movie critics have given their review of this movie.

So most of the Critics has given Alita Battle angel a good rating. All youtube critics has also given their review on it and most of them has said that his is a must watch Movie.

But according to Rotten Tomato the scores are not that good. Rotten Tomato has given it only 51 % and audience score is not available right now. But most of these critics have said this is movie not that good.

Best VFX and CGI

Where as all You tube Critics have said that this is a fantastic movie. This is all because the VFX of this movie.

VFX work of this movie is outstanding. And this is one of the best VFX work in the movie from last 6-7 yeras.

The story of the movie is the same. The story we have seen Earlier in the anime, manga and anime movie is the same. But the presentation of this movie is best possible.

Some critics have even said that the VFX work is equal to that of Aquaman(2018).

James Camaron & CGI

The critics have said that the VFX work is good but the story doesn’t offer us something new. James Camaron’s 2009 blockbuster Avatar was having the same opinion that CGI was great and First iMax 3d. But the story was simple.

In China and Japan the craze for Alita Battle Angel is very high and it will be definitely a hit there.

My Review And Rating

I have also seen this movie. According to me it is a must watch film. The Graphics and CGi is awesome. The story is Simple. But all over it is very nice movie and deserves good rating

I will give rating of        8  out of 10

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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