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‘And Yet, You Are So Sweet’ Manga Gets Live-Action Film

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2022)

Anan Kujira ‘s “Nevertheless, Senki-Kun is too sweet.” will be made into a live-action movie. It will be released nationwide on March 3, 2023. “Nevertheless, Senki-Kun is too sweet.” is a love story that depicts the relationship between the heroine Kisaragi Maaya.

Who has just been dumped by the person she likes, and the cool, handsome Chigira-kun in the same grade as Maaya. Maaya, a second-year high school student who failed to confess for the first time in her life, is seen by Chiki, the ace of the track and field club and the most handsome boy in school.

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When she is depressed. Senki says to Maaya, “Let’s play her unrequited love.” The conditions for “playing unrequited love” are to never fall in love and not to be found out by those around you. Even though it’s a promise that he shouldn’t fall in love with her.

Maaya gradually becomes attracted to Senki’s kindness… It is being serialized in Dessert (Kodansha), and 7 volumes have been published. The heroine Maaya Kisaragi will be played by Miku Hata, and the role of Sou Senki will be played by Kyohei Takahashi of Naniwa Danshi.

The director will be Takehiko Shinjo, and the script will be written by Haruka Ohkita. Regarding the film adaptation, Anan commented, “I entrusted the work to a wonderful production team and actors. The track and field scenes that could not be conveyed in the manga are also a must-see.”


Source: Anime News Network

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