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Animax’s Return to India: Exclusive Anime Series, Potential Hindi Dubs, and More

In a year brimming with exciting developments for Indian anime fans, Animax, the dedicated anime channel, has made a triumphant return to the Indian screen. The recent IGN India interview with Andy Kaplan, co-founder and chairman of KC Global Media Entertainment, revealed several exciting insights, including exclusive series, potential expansion, and the possibility of Hindi dubs.

Since the announcement in January 2023, Animax’s return to India on the popular streaming service JioTV has been enthusiastically welcomed by anime enthusiasts. After a long hiatus, the relaunch is a significant milestone for the channel, promising to rejuvenate India’s anime landscape and cater to its passionate fanbase.

Exclusive Anime Content on the Horizon

One of the major takeaways from the interview was the tantalizing prospect of exclusive anime series yet to air in India. Kaplan hinted that discussions are underway with various studios for exclusive anime content. The upcoming title “Gintama” will soon grace Indian screens, providing a much-anticipated treat for anime enthusiasts.

Hindi Dubs: A Future Possibility?

The interview hinted at an exciting prospect – the potential dubbing of anime series into Hindi and other regional languages. Kaplan mentioned, “For now, we will bring these popular anime titles in their original language to enhance the true fans’ viewer experience.” While the company is focusing on airing the original versions currently, the idea of regional dubs opens up a new avenue for reaching wider Indian audiences.

Potential Expansion Beyond JioTV

Kaplan hinted at future plans to expand beyond the current platform, JioTV. Although specific platforms were not mentioned, the potential to reach more viewers and bring anime to more homes is an exciting prospect.

Censorship Concerns Addressed

Amidst concerns over perceived censorship, particularly around female characters, Kaplan reaffirmed the channel’s commitment to maintain fans’ viewing experience while adhering to necessary censorship guidelines and regulations in India.

A New Chapter For Anime Production In China

Kaplan’s comments about the growing high-quality anime production in China highlighted the shifting landscape of global anime. The potential disruptions to an industry once dominated by Japanese studios create a unique turning point in the industry’s evolution.

ONE: Bringing K-Dramas To India?

The success of Korean dramas (K-dramas) in India has not gone unnoticed by KC Global Media. The company is open to exploring opportunities to launch the channel ONE, known for broadcasting Korean dramas and variety shows, in India.

A Tease For A Prime Collaboration

In the interview, Kaplan gave a tantalizing hint at a possible collaboration with Amazon Prime Video. While no details were disclosed, the potential partnership would be an impressive move in the global media landscape, opening up vast content possibilities for viewers.

The return of Animax marks an exciting new chapter for anime in India. As Kaplan and his team continue to unveil new plans, the Indian anime community can look forward to thrilling content, potential expansions, and greater accessibility in the coming months and years.


Source – IGN India

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