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Anime Adaptation Announced for Ichi Ichikawa’s ‘Tadaima, Okaeri’ BL Manga

Manga artist Ichi Ichikawa took to their Twitter account on Thursday to reveal some exciting news: their beloved BL manga, “Tadaima, Okaeri” (I’m Home, Welcome Back), is set to make its debut as an anime adaptation.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Ichikawa even shared a delightful illustration.

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The manga’s narrative revolves around the everyday life of Masaki Fujiyoshi, a self-doubting stay-at-home husband, his accomplished salaryman spouse Hiromu, and their charming two-year-old son, Hikari.

Ichi Ichikawa's 'Tadaima, Okaeri' BL Manga

Together, they navigate life’s myriad ups and downs, steadily evolving into a stronger, more tightly-knit family unit.

Initially launched in Fusion Product’s THE OMEGAVERSE PROJECT e-book anthology back in 2016, the manga has garnered a dedicated following.

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Fans can rejoice not only in the prospect of an anime adaptation but also in the announcement that the manga will soon resume its publication, accompanied by the release of its eagerly awaited fifth volume.


Source | Ichi Ichikawa’s Twitter accountComic Natalie

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