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Anime “HIGH CARD” Broadcast in 2023!

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

The HIGH CARD creator made an announcement about the release of the official TV anime series. First the anime was announced in the month of June in 2021. However, it takes a little extra time to announce the release date. 

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Furthermore, along with the release date the creators also announced and released the key visual, teaser of the anime, and animation main staff. 

Homura Kawamoto of “Kakegurui”, Hikaru Takeno who handles the novelization of “Kakegurui”, Toms Entertainment who has sent out the animation “Lupin III” and “Detective Conan” series is in charge of the media mix project “HIGH CARD.”

The publisher partners of this poker-themed anime are Kodakawa, TMS Entertainment, and Sammy Corporation. Last but not least, this project is not just limited to anime or manga. But, it includes TV anime, manga, and Light Novels. 

Some comments from the character design of this HIGH CARD project are released during the press release. She says “From the time I heard about the project, I was wondering if I could get involved even a little … but I was afraid that I would be involved in this way, and I am very honored.”

The added “It’s a day of trial and error to see how fashionable and cool the attractive characters designed by Ebimo can be designed as an animation, but all the staff is happy to make it, so please tell the story of the fins and high cards. Please look forward to it.”


Source: Anime News Network

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