Anime in hindi on netflix

Anime In Hindi Dubbed Soon on Netflix And Cartoon Network?

As we all anime fans like anime dubbed in our known language as we can connect more with characters , story line and animation / music. Indian are know slowly – slowly getting to know about the amazing-ness of the anime. They have watched their favorite anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach including many more.

Anime in Hindi Dub

Now anime audience including me want to see anime in Hindi audio Or can Say Anime in Hindi dub. Because in our own language people can connect more and more. If anime will come in Hindi more audience who want to watch something knew can see it. It can provide huge growth for the anime in India.

But problem is the Hindi dub anime series are not available right now. As distributors thinks that it is not worth it for them or not so profitable for them.

Indian Anime You-tubers and Sanket Mhatre

Now Indian Anime You tubers like Whixer, DragonballhindiX and Many more are collaborating with actor and voice artist Sanket Mhatre Sir. They are contacting distributors and pursuing them to work on anime in Hindi language Dubs. They are contacting digital platforms like Netflix India for Hindi Dubs.

Some Hope And Expactations

Recently Netflix India Posted a community tab for what Indian audience wants Sacred Games Season 3 or Anime in Hindi. This post votes has all ready surpassed 2.5 lakhs total votes with over 30 thousand comments. 59% of the audience wants Anime in Hindi. which can gave a huge relief and hope to Indian anime fans who eagerly wants anime in Hindi language dub.

We can’t say for sure when this is going to happen or what animes came possible dubbed in Hindi. But this is a huge step towards the same goal. Watch these Videos for more information.

Links of people mentioned above are given

Channel Link to Whixer – ClicK

Channel Link of DragonBAllHindiX – ClicK

Twitter Handle of Sanket Sir – ClicK

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