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Anime & Manga Anthem

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2020)

Let’s Begin…..

If you think your life is boring

Can’t find anything worth exploring

Same old boring routine

And you want to live again like teen

Time is constrain and your boss is mean

Job is hell but you can’t change scene

Let me introduce you to one great theme

It will help you to see big dreams

Anime & Manga is the name of this scheme

It will bring excitement to your boring regime

Every morning you will born again

If you will give, daily this dose to your brain

Motivation, positivity at its best

Once you start, then you won’t rest

Life will become again big fest

Daily your imagination will get new test

Your desire to become hero will again rise

Life will again become paradise

Get up now and start with one

You won’t stop until its done

That’s the power of Anime & Manga

Because they are full of hungama

Action full on, story new

In every story, there is different crew

Imagination new, like never seen before

For every new edition you will rush to store

After this your life won’t be bore

Daily you will have new things to explore

So, Anime & Manga ka Machao full Shor

If don’t want your life to be bore

Dedicated To All Anime & Manga Fans From A Fan

Stay Tuned For More Anime & Manga Awesomeness

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