Anime – Opportunity For Streaming War Champions In India

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2020)

Hey, guys welcome back to Animeindia. And today we are going to talk about heating streaming wars in India. Each and every streaming platform is burning cash to get more and more original stuff and subscribers. And this lockdown from the past few months has increased their viewership. People sitting at home want to consume more and more content and movie theaters closed has led to direct release of movies on their streaming services. The multiplexes are opening but people are still hesitant to go, this provides Netflix and its rivals a greater opportunity.

Streaming Charts Q3 2020

Streaming charts Q3 2020
Streaming charts Q3 2020 | Source –

Prime Video is the market leader with a 21% market share, followed by Netflix (19%). It is remarkable that Prime Video is the market leader, as in the big majority of countries around the globe, Netflix is in the lead. Disney+ Hotstar is the third-largest streaming service in the market with a 17% market share, which is almost triple Sony Liv’s market share. While Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar remained stable in Q2 and Q3 2020, Sony Liv has increased 50% of its Q2 market share.

Streaming charts Q3 2020
Streaming charts Q3 2020 | Source –

In my personal opinion the reasons why Amazon Prime Video is ahead of Netflix in India is

  • The most obvious one is pricing, as amazon prime subscription provides more value for money. I will give you one more example, every person I know has amazon prime, all my friends, relatives neighbors, but everyone uses my Netflix Account 😅.
  • The second one is the latest Indian movies, amazon release way more Indian movies than Netflix, and Amazon not just adds Hindi movies but also focuses on Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies as well.

Anime – Creating An Audience (Netflix Shines)

Anime is undoubtedly the next big thing in Indian entrainment for the young demographic, the popularity is just increasing. It provides these streaming services with even a greater audience. And Netflix by far exceeds every one of its rivals, has almost 200 titles in India and it is constantly adding more. Netflix is comparatively active in the Indian creative space and anime fan community. Netflix knows how to build a community around a movie or tv show. When we compare, Amazon is far behind it doesn’t even have 50 anime titles. Frankly speaking, the amazon is missing an opportunity.

Indian Streaming Services
Streaming Services In India

Argument is the size of anime watching audience is very small. But everyone forgets that anime genre has unlimited content, if these platforms can market it properly, it can become money making machine for them. Netflix has already started it to some extent on its YouTube Channel. Netflix India regularly adds scenes from popular anime. They collaborate with big YouTube content creators to make reaction videos.

And when we talk about Sony Liv they are just sitting on tones of anime content, but not giving it to the Indian audience. Sony is the one biggest company in the anime industry around the world. They own TV channels (Aniplex, Animax), animation/production studios(CloverWorks), streaming services (Funimation, Wakanim, Madman Anime). And with a possible acquisition of Crunchyroll in nearly 1 Billion USD nobody can beat them in anime. But they are still neglecting one of the biggest markets. If they can get 1% of the Indian population to watch anime that is more than 10% population of Japan.

This is my opinion, and I am just an anime lover. But these streaming platforms are way big and they employ people who are way smarter than me and are experts in their respective fields. I don’t know much about streaming service and their business models, all I am saying is that anime can be the key to win streaming wars among these platforms. If they can create demand for anime then Indian anime fans will be their cash cow.

I want to thank Karolin Himmel from JustWatch for providing this data about Indian Streaming Services.

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