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Anime Spinoff for Michael B. Jordan’s Creed-Verse In Works

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2023)

Michael B. Jordan, the star of the Creed franchise, is looking to expand beyond the big screen by collaborating with Prime Video to bring small-screen Creed projects to life. Among the potential spinoffs are an anime series to continue Adonis Creed’s story and a live-action series focusing on his hearing-impaired daughter, Amara, who was introduced in Creed III. However, no further details have been announced regarding the release of these projects.


Jordan’s passion for anime influenced Creed III’s artistic choices, including the boxing sequences and Adonis Creed’s ring attire. “There are artistic choices that were influenced by my passion for anime that we brought into the boxing and training sequences,” Jordan said. “With boxing anime like Hajime No Ippo, I really love the inner dialogue of what’s going on and happening in the ring from the characters.”

Michael B. Jordan

Creed III sees Adonis Creed facing his past against his childhood friend and fallen boxing prodigy, Damien “Dame” Anderson. Jordan drew inspiration from similar relationships depicted in anime shows such as Hajime No Ippo and My Hero Academia. “All of those different anime that I watched growing up, there’s an inherent spirit to them in how they fight and their bonds and relationships and all that good stuff. But it’s very similar to the brotherhood and bond that we [Adonis Creed and Damian Anderson] have and his [Adonis Creed] relationships to his family as well,” Jordan said.

In addition to Creed spinoffs, an Ivan Drago spinoff project featuring Dolph Lundgren, which reunites the Russian fighter with his son Viktor, is reportedly in the works. Lundgren, however, disputes the confirmation of the project, stating that there is no approved script, director, or deals in place.

Creed III has already grossed over $100 million globally, and with Jordan’s passion for anime and dedication to bringing unique artistic choices to the franchise, fans can expect more exciting developments in the future.


Source – Deadline

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