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Anime Theory: Blessed Are the Ignorant

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2020)
Blessed Are the Ignorant

As we all know that all the main characters of famous anime, like Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Mob psycho 100 and many more are shown quite ignorant and carefree. Lets discuss some points on this theory.

Ignorance is so profound and so ultimate that it cannot be destroyed. And once you understand it, you can rest in it. It is so beautiful, it is so relaxing… because then there is nowhere to go. There is nothing to be known, because nothing can be known. Ignorance is ultimate. It is tremendous and

All that we know is illusory. Somehow we manage the illusion that we know. Somebody introduces you to somebody else, tells them your name, your qualifications, your country, and it is thought that you have been introduced. You remain completely unintroduced, because your name is not you, neither is your country nor is your religion. You are that profound ignorance inside.

To come to an understanding of this ignorance is to become enlightened. Hence the Socratic dictum: ’I know only one thing – that I don’t know.’ That’s what enlightenment is all about. If you can accept your ignorance – welcome it, cherish it, enjoy, delight in it, because this is how things are: nothing is known, nothing can be known and everything is mysterious your life will have a quality of magic.

Logic will be gone, and your life will be more magical; a charm, a tremendous grace will be there, because now there are no boundaries – nothing is defined. This undefined is what god is. And I call this ignorance divine.

Boredom comes out of knowledge. The fed-up feeling comes out of knowledge. The moment you say that you know this man, now the exploration has stopped. Now you are stuck together. Maybe you are together for some other reasons – security, finance, society, morality, religion, a thousand and one reasons – but now the exploration is no more there. And when there is no more exploration there is no more love.

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