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Anime Theory: In Search of the Miraculous

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We have all wondered that all the major Anime characters like Naruto, Luffy, Saitama, and many more are always excited to start a new journey or new adventure. What gives them this power and excitement to live life joyfully. Lets discuss what can we learn from them in order to live a happy and awesome life, just like our heros do in their Anime series.

Most of us live in such a way that we are not aware why we are living, where we are going and why. We do not ask of ourselves, ”Why?” When our whole life is spent without asking these basic questions it is no wonder
if you all have come without knowing the purpose of your coming. Maybe a few of you know it, but the possibility is very small.

Ask yourself Why?

We live and walk and see and hear in such a state of sleep, in such a state of deep unconsciousness that we fail to see that which is. We fail to hear that which is said, and we fail to come in contact with and experience that which surrounds us from all sides – within and without. So it is no wonder if you have come here unknowingly, unaware. We do not know why we are alive. And we are not aware of what we do – so much so that we are not conscious even of our breathing.

Man’s quest continues through lives, and it is after the endeavor of countless lives that he gets a glimpse of what we call bliss or peace or truth or God – call it what you like, although there is no word that can say it. One attains to it after many many lives. And all those who seek it think that they are going to enjoy completely after they have found it; but they are very mistaken. They find after attainment that it is just the beginning of a new labor, a new undertaking, that there is no resting.

Here is an electric bulb shedding light on us all. If you cut the wire that connects it with the power house it will cease shedding light, although the bulb will remain the same. If the electric current fails to reach the bulb, there will be darkness in the place of light here. It is the same bulb turned inactive since the current is not passing through it. And what can the poor bulb do if the current does not reach it? There is a center inside each one of us through which God is known, but because the life force does not reach that center it is lying dormant, inactive, asleep. Even if your eyes are normal and healthy, they will be useless if the life force does not reach and activate them.

You already have what is required

But it is equally true that a few persons have known God. And a few others have known them, and their whole lives have been transformed through it; they have seen celestial flowers blooming all around them. But we cannot have it just by worshiping them. Unfortunately, religions have stopped
with worshiping. But how can a seed become a tree by worshiping it? And a river cannot become an ocean however much it worships the ocean. And however much an egg worships the bird it cannot spread its wings in the sky. The egg will have to crack its shell; it will have to disappear as an egg first. When, for the first time, a chick comes out of its shell it cannot imagine that it can fly. Seeing birds on the wing it cannot believe that it too can fly. Even as its mother flies, even as the mother urges it on to fly, it lacks confidence, it feels shaky. It sits on the edges of the bough and gathers courage. How can one who has never known flying believe that it can fly and go on a long journey in the vast sky?

I know well that for these three days you too are going to sit on the edges of the pine trees here and wonder if a journey into the unknown is possible. Howsoever loudly I urge you to jump, to leap, to fly, you will not believe that flying is possible. How can the birds that have never been on the wing
believe that flying is possible? There is no way but to take a jump. For once you will have to leap without knowing what it is. It has to be a leap in the dark, to begin with.

In the nutshell we can say that define your goals, and once you set them, leave no stone unturned in order to achieve it. You will have to go through unknown ways, but don’t be afraid of what is new or unknown, be fearless and jump right into it and you will be on the top in no time.

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