AnimeFesta Surprise: Secret Mission Anime to Premiere in October

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)

On Wednesday, a new official website made its debut, heralding the upcoming AnimeFesta adaptation of Mothica’s “Motto Aeide! Sennyū Sо̄sakan wa Sex mo Oshigoto desu” under the title “Secret Mission Sennyū Sо̄sakan wa Zettai ni Makenai!” (The Undercover Agents Will Never Lose!). Scheduled for an October premiere on Tokyo MX and BS11, with an exclusive premium version on the AnimeFesta platform, the main cast and theme song information are set to be unveiled on August 30.

Overseeing the anime is director Saburou Miura (known for “Show Time!”), who’s also responsible for series composition and storyboarding at Rabbit Gate. Character design comes from LAZZ (recognized from “Show Time! 2”), while Hisayoshi Hirasawa (acknowledged for “Love Flops”) takes up the role of sound director.

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The narrative tracks the journey of two covert agents, Riko Ikazuchi and her junior partner Noma, immersed in an assignment within a seemingly ordinary apartment, which serves as a cover for a criminal syndicate. Assuming the roles of a newlywed couple, their lack of nighttime commotion arouses suspicion amongst the criminals.

Secret Mission Anime

To maintain their cover as a deeply enamored married duo, they engage in intentional physical contact and noise-making. Through the blend of humiliation and gratification during these undercover operations, Riko perseveres, resolute in her pursuit of justice.

In the realm of English publications, Kadokawa’s BookWalker website presents the manga under the title “Sex Is Part of Undercover Agents’ Job?”.

The driving force behind this adaptation is WWWave Corporation, owners of the ComicFesta web manga service and the AnimeFesta anime programming block. Over the last six years, AnimeFesta (formerly Anime Zone and ComicFesta Anime) has successfully translated over 25 ComicFesta manga into short anime adaptations, often of an adult or provocative nature.

The inaugural AnimeFesta anime, “On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest” (Sōryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…), has prompted the nickname “Sōryo-waku” (Sōryo-type) within fan circles. Typically, the anime series boast both a “broadcast” version (aired on TV with censorship) and a “premium” uncensored iteration for online distribution. Notably, the English releases for many anime titles are available on the WWWave Corporation’s Coolmic website.

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In recent times, the latest addition to the AnimeFesta anime roster was “Fūfu Kōkan: Modorenai Yoru,” an adaptation of Peter Mitsuru’s adult manga “Fūfu Kōkan: Otto Yori Sugoi Kongai Sex” (Marriage Exchange: Amazing Extramarital Sex Compared to My Husband). Initially premiering on the AnimeFesta website in mid-June, it subsequently graced Tokyo MX and BS11 screens on July 2.


Source | Secret Mission anime’s website via Ota-Suke

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