Aniplex Bolsters Content Creation Portfolio with Acquisition of Origamix Partners, Launches Myriagon Studio

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2023)

Sony Music Entertainment announced on Wednesday, May 31, that Aniplex, a subsidiary company, has fully acquired film director and scriptwriter management firm Origamix Partners. The acquired company will undergo a rebranding, adopting the new name, Myriagon Studio, effective from June 1.

This acquisition is part of a broader strategy aimed at content development for global audiences, with particular focus on live-action content production, an expansion from Origamix’s previous roles in creator management and Intellectual Property (IP) development.

Renowned director Shinsuke Satō, best known for his work on the successful “Alice in Borderland” live-action series and the film adaptations of the “Kingdom” manga, has been identified as a key figure in these development efforts. Satō’s diverse portfolio includes directing the animated feature “Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror,” as well as the live-action films “I am a Hero,” “Gantz,” “Library Wars,” “Death Note Light up the NEW world,” and “Bleach.”

In addition to the acquisition, Myriagon Studio has also initiated a strategic partnership with South Korean content studio, Imaginus. Ji Jin-hee, the head of Imaginus, will serve as an executive advisor to Myriagon Studio as they venture into the production of premium live-action series.

Sony Music Entertainment and its subsidiary Aniplex seem determined to drive a significant push in global content expansion, leveraging the experience and success of Shinsuke Satō, and the strategic partnership with Imaginus. With the acquisition of Origamix Partners and its transformation into Myriagon Studio, the entertainment giant is poised to make a substantial impact on the global live-action content landscape.

Sony Music Entertainment’s move is set to enrich the diversity of its content offerings, as Myriagon Studio brings its own unique creativity and innovation to Sony’s expansive portfolio. This acquisition and the subsequent partnerships represent a commitment to provide audiences worldwide with engaging and high-quality entertainment options.

The full details of the acquisition and future plans for Myriagon Studio are yet to be released. However, this move signals a continued commitment from Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex to expand their reach into new and exciting areas of content creation.


Source – Sony Music Entertainment via Otakomu

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