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Arknights: Prelude to Down TV Anime Release Key Visual, Cast and Member Details

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2022)

On Sunday, the popular Arknights mobile game celebrated its 2nd anniversary while streaming. In that stream, they also unveil the details of their upcoming TV anime along with a cast member, staff member, and one key visual of Arknights: Prelude to Dawn. 

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In Arknights: prelude to Dawn, Takashi Matsuyama who is popular for his role Oro in Street Fight III and IV will play or give the to character Ace. Furthermore, the Director of Arknights is going to Yuki Watanabe. The anime is going to be produced by Yosatar Picture along with Masakata Nishikawa. These two directors are great in their niche, they both work in similar Game theme anime “Holy Knight”. 

Terra is a fantasy world with HI-Tech technology and advanced science. The story revolves around a deadly determined Antipathy and those medical companies who can cure these diseases. However, Tripathy did not speed on its own but a terrorist organization wants to destroy the city. To save their city and nation, they have to cure the disease along with the elimination of the terrorist organization. 

Furthermore, the game was originally developed by two Chinese developer groups Studio Montagne and Hypergraph. The game officially debuted in January 2020 and it even got a short promotion series of 9 minutes. While is also directed by the Assistant Director of the current director. The anime series is going to launch in celebration of its 2nd anniversary and also for the promotion of the game franchise. 


Source: Arknights: Prelude to Dawn website via Anime News Network

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