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Asana Haine Wraps Up ‘Layla’s Guardian’ in Bandman Manga”

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

In the recent 17th release of Futabasha’s Manga Action magazine, readers bid farewell to the concluding chapter of Asana Haine’s captivating manga, “Layla no Hogo-sha wa Bandman” (Guardian of Layla is Bandman).

The much-loved creator, Haine, also took to Twitter to share the news of the manga’s conclusion, sprinkling in a hint that the cherished “bandman” theme will live on in a fresh manga series debuting under a different publishing company this November.

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Haine embarked on this manga journey within the pages of Manga Action back in January 2022. The journey culminated in a heartwarming tale that centered around the daily life of Layla, a spirited five-year-old, and Nao, the lead singer of a rock band, who took on the role of her guardian.

'Layla's Guardian' in Bandman Manga"

The manga’s charm resonated deeply, as evidenced by Futabasha releasing the first compiled volume in September 2022, followed by the second volume on March 28. This delightful comedy endeared readers with its portrayal of the bond between Layla and Nao.

Haine’s artistic talents were not limited to this tale alone. The artist previously brought to life the manga adaptation of Rino Mayumi’s novel series, “Jimi Hime to Kuro Neko no, Enman’na Kon’yaku Haki” (The Plain Princess, the Black Cat, and the Fulfilling Farewell).

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This adaptation, published in Futabasha’s Gaugau Monster magazine in December 2020, captured hearts. Its journey saw the light of five compiled volumes, the latest being published on June 9, 2023.


Sources | Manga Action issue 17, Asana Haines’ Twitter account

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