Ascendent Animation Presents English Dub for Show Time 2! Anime

Ascendent Animation announced its licensing of Show Time! 2!, the second season of the anime adaptation of Mai Girigiri’s Showtime! Minami O-nee-san Datte H Shitai (Even Miss Minami Wants to Have Sex) manga. They are currently working on producing an English dub for the series.

P.M. Seymour will serve as the director for the English dub, with Reece Bridger as the assistant director. Steve Warky Nunez is responsible for audio engineering and mixing, while Kevin Frane takes on the role of localization supervisor. K. Cornell Kellum holds the position of executive producer for this project.

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The main cast members will reprise their roles in the dub, including:

  • Jordan Woollen as Shoji
  • Elsie Lovelock as Minami
  • Ashley Woods as Pao
  • Su Ling Chan as Kana
  • P.M. Seymour as Kazuhiro

No Studio In Particular contributed additional voice talent.

Ascendent Animation introduces the anime “Show Time! 2,” seamlessly picking up from the previous season’s storyline. Shoji and Minami’s relationship endures, delicately balanced to avoid any compromises to Minami’s career. However, a single misstep sparks the interest of a vigilant journalist, hinting at an impending scandal. Can Minami maintain her incognito status, or will a career-threatening scandal ensue, jeopardizing everyone involved?

Ascendent Animation Presents English Dub

The anime’s inaugural episode premiered on January 8 during AnimeFesta, featuring both an “on-air version” and a more explicit “premium version.” The on-air edition was also available for streaming on YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, and various other platforms.

Differing from previous AnimeFesta projects, the core cast remains unchanged between the on-air and premium versions of the anime.

The returning Japanese cast includes:

  • Airi Akatsuki as Kana Fujimoto
  • Alice Sakurai as Pao-tan
  • Hasshinsen as Shōji Fujimoto
  • Rikka Kitami as Minami Takasaki
  • Kanade Shirakami as Kazuhiro O-nii-san
Ascendent Animation Presents English Dub

Saburou Miura, the mastermind behind “My Matchmaking Partner is a Student, An Aggressive Troublemaker,” has returned to helm both directing and scriptwriting duties for the highly anticipated anime project, “Rabbit Gate.” Kenichi Hamazaki once again takes the reins in crafting the captivating character designs, while the exceptionally talented LAZZ reprises their role as the chief animation director and character designer.

The inaugural season of this exceptional series, in its premium iteration, made its splendid debut on the AnimeFesta platform. Simultaneously, fans were treated to the on-air version, all on a memorable October day back in 2021. Notably, AnimeFesta’s YouTube channel and other esteemed services also broadcasted the on-air version, ensuring fans from all corners of the globe could partake in this animated spectacle.

Ascendent Animation proudly secured the rights to distribute and dub the first season of this anime gem in English, further broadening its global reach.

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In a harmonious convergence of media, Suiseisha brought the manga adaptation to print format, enchanting readers in September 2021. Meanwhile, under the alternative title “Uta no O-nee-san Datte H Shitai ~Konna Kao, TV no Mae no Minna niwa Miserarenai yo,” Girigiri also introduced the manga, promising an equally enticing narrative to captivate audiences.


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