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Ash Da Hero Performs New Opening Theme for Blue Lock Anime

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2022)

The visual for the second season of the TV anime ” Blue Rock ” based on Muneyuki Kinjo and Yusuke Nomura has been released. “Blue Rock” will finish the first course with the 12th episode broadcast on December 24th, and will start the second-course Secondary Selection Edition.

The next occur will starts from the 13th episode which will be broadcast on January 7, 2023. The new visual depicts the main character, Kiyoshi Seiichi, and the current top player in Blue Rock, Rin Itoshi, wearing an aura that expresses “ego” and advancing as if competing.

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At the same time, a digest movie has been released that allows you to look back on the fierce battle that unfolded in the first selection. ASH DA HERO’s “Judgement” has been selected as the opening theme song for the second season. Vocalist ASH said, “I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning of the series,” and commented with joy.

“I’ve been able to pour my love for Blue Rock into this moment.” “Judgment” will be distributed in advance from January 15, and the music video will be released on the same day. The CD will be released on February 22nd in two formats, “ADH Edition” and “Blue Rock Edition”.


Source: Anime News Network

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