Asta Yuno Licht' Son

Asta And Yuno Are Licht’s Son Origin Theory

Ever since the beginning of Black Clover we fans are wondering what are origins of Asta and Yuno. Now of course know that they were left at the church on same day. Nobody knows who left them there and why also who are the parents.

So why asta was born without the Mana. I came across a theory on YouTube which will explain almost every thing.

First Wizard King Met Licht

Licht first met Tectia

We know this happens when Wizard King’s sister Tactia uses wind magic and comes out of the castle. Her magic goes out of controle. Wizard king chased after the her sister to save her, Both Licht using his sword magic and Wizard king using his light magic managed to save her. Licht catches Tactia in his arms. Eventually revealed that both Wizard King and Elve King Licht save have a 4 leaf Clover Grimoire. Making instant connection in b/w 2. Eventually the Wizard king talks to Licht to mention peace bw Humans and Elves. Which made to the marrige of Licht and Tectia as their child will be the symbol of peace bw 2 tribes.

Elves were bitrated by Humnas before the birth of Child of Licht including tectia being slaughtered. Licht used the forbidden magic which reincarnated all the elves. So this forbidden magic still make sense for the rebirth of child of Licht and Tectia. It may be in the Human bodies of Asta and Yuno are met to be possessed at some point real souls of Asta and Yuno

Yuno And Asta Are Fraternal Twins

Let’s first the look at


Let’s make family tree Yuno if child of Licht would take thing both from his Father as well as mother.

Yuno Parents Black Clover

Yuno has a 4 leaf Clover Grimoire and wind Magic. We can compare it to his uncle’s and his father’s 4 leaf Clover Grimoire. And his mother is having wind magic. It extremely likely that his mother would also have wind spirit back then as her magic was very powerful.

Let’s compare the looks of Yuno with his possible parents. Yuno and Licht have same facial structure as well as body shape. Yuno have exact the same eye color as licht. It seems like yuno has taken the potential body type of His father as being taller and slimmer.

In fight b/w Elve Yuno and Licht. Yuno gave Licht a push as Patri said nothing to expect less from Licht’s as then he stops. Its obvious that Yuno is Linked to Licht is some way. No less his son. As his son only can gave him a good fight.


It’s also a possibility that Asta is also a child of Licht. Similarities are that Asta has the exact same Grimoire that his father had before. Asta’s Grimoire used to be the 4 leaf Grimoire of Licht, but changed in 5 leaf after Licht turned into a Demon.

Let’s compare the looks of Asta and his parents. Asta has the exact same color of hairs as his father Licht has. We know that first wizard King and Tectia has green eyes and same Asta does. Asta is also short in size like them. Asta seems to inherit his mother’s genetic side.

In my opinion both Asta and Yuno are Licht and Tectia’s Son. Which means that they are both fraternal twins.

Yuno Is Successful Hybrid

Yuno might be the successful version of the Hybird of Human and Elve. He has high magic powers and High mana and good physical body structure.

Asta Is Mutated Hybrid

Asta no Mana

Asta might be the mutation of a Human and Elve reproduce. As this mutation caused him to have no mana at all.

Remember the which queen said that Asta has no mana because of Mutation. Mutation of what ? Probably cross breeding b/w to species.

Why Asta Didn’t get Elf Form

This simply because the forbidden Spell which Licht use and the One Patri used are different. As spell by Licht make the born humans after centuries similar bodies to Elves.

But the spell by Patri was to used Elf souls to take that bodies.

Licht didn’t Killed Asta

In fight it looked like that Licht was holding back. As could have simply killed Asta and Taken back the Demon Dweller sword. Because he know that Asta was his son.

Asta Yuno VS Licht

It looked like he wasn’t even trying to fight them. Reincarnation doesn’t worked on Asta as he had no mana.

Patri Knew That Yuno Was Son

We know when all the fighters with the eye of midnight son took place Yuno was not their. As Patri knew that Yuno was son of Licht. As Yuno have good mana , strong wind magic and 4 leaf Grimoire.

But no one could ever believe that Licht could have a son like Asta with no mana and magic. Even no one could ever thought of twins either.

Update | Yuno Is Licht’s Son Confirmed

In Latest Chapter of Black Clover manga we got the confirmation that Yuno was actually having the soul of Licht’s son inside him. After fight with the demon was over and First Wizard King and Licht were about to leave the world. Licht tells that he was very happy that he got the chance to fight along side his son.

Licht's son inside Yuno

Actually Yuno came to know that the Elf soul inside him was the soul of unborn child of Licht and Tetia,

Hence theory that yuno is licht’s son came true.

Thanks for Reading and Stay tuned for more such theories on anime, manga and games news and many more things.

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So this was theory I came upon while watching Youtube. Check the video which is the source. By Broku no hero


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  4. I think the demon form asta has could be his hope elf form but when Licht turned to a demon he got demon for not the elf from like yuno

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