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Asta’ Mother Richita Revealed – Asta’s Devil Liebe Relation With Richita | Black Clover Ch 268

Black Clover Ch 268 is out and it has revealed some shocking stuff for Black Clover fans. In this chapter 268, we saw Asta’s Mother Richita and Asta’s Devil Liebe’s relationship and backstory we also get to know why Asta has no mana in him. Let’s discuss everything one by one.

Liebe & Richita – Relationship

Asta' Mother Licita Revealed - Asta's Devil Liebe Relation With Licita | Black Clover Ch 268
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The chapter starts with Anti Magic Devil Liebe thinking about his past. He says ” Devils are born in the underworld and from the time they’are born devils have a set place in the pecking order and there’s no way to change it. It’s boring in the underworld so to kill time, the devils on the top terrorize the one’s beneath them and the lowers devils beat up the ones below them. Since I was born without magic I was solidly at the bottom of the heap. Ever since I was born a day didn’t go by when I Didn’t bleed. In that Dunhill of a world, toying with “humans” is the biggest thrill any devil can get and so, everybody wants to go to the other world, where the humans are. One day, a ticked off higher devil threw me at the gate of the Underworld. I figured I’d hit it and get smashed to pieces, but since I had no magic, I went right through. I’d ended up in the Human World.”

Liebe was magic-less but still, the people around him were scared of him because he was a devil. The magic knights almost killed him but somehow he survived. But later he was taken by Asta’s mother Richita, she took care of him. She explains her magic to Liebe as long as it lacks mana she can put it into other things. She also tells that she found a 5 leaf grimoire the other day and now she is meeting a real Devil. Liebe asks Richita why aren’t you scared of me and she replies that who would be scared of an injured little kid. So basically Asta’s mother’s body stills mana and life energy from everything near her, this explains the possibility that Asta was in fact born with magic but due to her mother’s ability she ended up stilling magic from him. Next, we see a snake trying to bite her, but it actually dies. She tells this is the reason she lives alone outside the village.

Richita sees Liebe(anti-magic devil) as a son because he is the only person that can be around her. Then we see a few panels of both of them together as mother and son playing, eating, etc. Richita tells that every Devil is not a bad guy.

Then the shocking thing happens Lucifero takes control of Liebe’s body and says who’d have believed a devil would be in the Human World making a contract with a human. I’m glad I killed time looking for Liebe. Liebe couldn’t control his body. Richita tries to go against Lucifero and he realizes that she is stealing his magic. Richita in her mind thinks that she is not giving away his son this time, we see a flashback and which is probably she leaving Asta outside the church. Then we see lucifero stabbing Richita and killing her and leaving Liebe’s body. Richita then near death seals Liebe in that 5 leaf grimoire and tells I am sorry and the time you come out of it you will be strong and grown. She tells him to live my dear son.

The manga ch then comes back to the present and Liebe thinking that he will never forgive any devil as they killed her mother (kind of) and he will kill every single one of them even if he has to steal Asta’s body. So Asta and Liebe are kind-of brothers and I don’t think that Liebe knows that Asta is Richita’s Son. I personally like the direction in which this story is going. Asta and the anti-magic devil ( Liebe) will probably become allies to fight against Lucifero and Dark Triad.

Why Asta Has No Magic FINALLY REVEALED! Why he was left at the church!  (Black Clover Manga 268)
Watch this video from Youtuber Broku for more explanation

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