Avex Pictures Ventures into Animation with New Company

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2023)

Avex Pictures, a prominent media company, made a significant announcement on Tuesday regarding its comprehensive restructuring plans. As part of this transformation, a brand-new entity called Avex Animation Labels will be established on August 1, focusing solely on the animation business.

Avex currently functions as a holding company, encompassing significant subsidiaries like avex entertainment, Avex Pictures, and Avex Digital. In order to enhance its organizational structure, the company intends to create two intermediary holding entities to consolidate its music and video divisions.

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Avex Pictures is set to become the intermediate holding company for the video business. As part of this restructuring, Avex Animation Labels will take charge of the animation sector, while Avex Film Labels will oversee the live-action segment. Previously, these responsibilities fell under Avex Pictures’ purview. Hideo Katsumata will retain his role as CEO of Avex Pictures. The formation of the two new entities, each with a capital of 100 million yen (approximately US$693,000), is scheduled for August 1st.

Avex Pictures

Ryō Ōyama, presently an executive officer at Avex Pictures, is set to become the representative director of Avex Animation Labels. Tomokazu Iizumi will assume the position of director, while Atsuhiko Miyakoshi will join as the executive officer of the newly formed company.

Nobuhiro Maeno, the director of Avex Pictures, will assume the role of representative director for Avex Film Labels, while Tsuyoshi Nishiyama will be appointed as the executive officer.

Avex Entertainment is set to become the central holding company for the music industry. Under its umbrella, Avex Management will merge with freshly formed operating firms, namely Avex Music Creative, Avex Live Creative, and Avex Alliance & Partners, as its subsidiaries.


Source | Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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