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Aya Shirosaki Concludes The Rising of the Shield Hero Girls Spinoff Manga

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

Frontier Works’ FW Comics recently unveiled the concluding chapter of Aya Shirosaki’s manga adaptation, “Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari Girls Side Story” (The Rising of the Shield Hero Girls Side Story), a spinoff derived from Aneko Yusagi’s acclaimed fantasy light novel series, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” (Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari). This momentous event transpired on September 1st.

Commencing its journey in August 2021, this spinoff manga offers a unique perspective by delving into the world through the eyes of Raphtalia. Readers witness her tribulations as she grapples with the loss of her family and friends during the catastrophic “wave of disaster,” and subsequently encounters the heroic figure, Naofumi Iwatani.

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Frontier Works introduced the manga’s first compiled volume in April 2022, with the third volume slated for release on October 18. In tandem, Kakao Japan’s Piccoma service made the manga accessible online to a wider audience.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Girls

The original light novel series by Yusagi, spanning 22 volumes, was last updated in June 2019 courtesy of MF Books. One Peace Books undertakes the English publication of this monumental series, releasing the 22nd volume in December 2021.

The narrative’s journey doesn’t end there, as Aiya Kyū embarked on adapting the novel into manga form for Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Flapper magazine in 2014. Once again, One Peace Books takes up the mantle to bring this manga adaptation to the English-speaking audience.

The animated realm also contributed to the saga’s legacy, with “The Rising of the Shield Hero” anime series making its debut through a captivating two-hour special in January 2019, followed by a 25-episode run. The long-awaited second season graced screens in April 2022, after initially being scheduled for October 2021. Fans can anticipate the arrival of the third season this coming October.

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In a similar vein, Shirosaki’s digital manga “Gleam” found its place in the English-speaking realm through Cross Infinite World’s publication efforts.


Source | FW Comics’ Twitter account and website

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