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Sirius The Jaeger| Badass, Kickass Vampire – Anime Review

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2020)

If you are fan of vampires flick, and always searching for some awesome vampire action series, your search will end here.  Sirius The Jaeger is an original Japanese Anime series. The series is directed by Masahiro Ando. If you love super kickass action you are going to love this one. All the action secnes are well orchestrated and vivd. Story narration is also griping. And above all theree are a lot of blood thirsty Vampires that keep on coming.

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In 1930, a group of Vampires leave China and flee to Japan. Group of Vampire hunters follow them called ‘Jaeger”. They all work under the cover of ‘V Shipping Company’. The hero’s name is Yuliy, a Warewolf. Vampires destroyed Yuily’s whole village and killed his all family members. He is last Warewolf remaining. His family was protector of a relic called Ark. This relic is gift from god. It can extract power from all living things. Sirius Clan is protector of this relic. As soon as Vampires got its knowledge, they began their search for it in order to be most strongest on earth.

Brother Vs Brother

Mikhail is elder brother of Yuily. Vampires turned him into one when he was trying to save his little brother. Both brothers are forced to kill each other. But their love for one another is great. Their are lot of mysteries in the series about their family story. All the fight between two brothers are super awesome, as both are equally strong. Its a great sight to watch two brothers who love each other eternally but still have to fight fiercely.


Vampires have two class in this series. One is royal and other is slave. Slave class only serve royals one. And there are some mad Vampire scientist too. Who keep on creating weired mixtures of Vampires with other things. There are a lot of guns and knives too.


Although, the plot is old. Fight between Warewolfs and Vampires. But the element of suspense and introduction of more strong character at each turn make this series quite interesting. There is love, emotion, drama, tragedy, suspense and above all badass, kickass action that we all love to watch.

Watch Sirius The Jaeger and get spellbound.

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