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Bandai Namco Acknowledges Possible Data Leak After Hack

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2022)

It was discovered that a group company in Asia of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings, a major manufacturer of games and toys, was attacked by a ransomware computer virus that demands a ransom. The company says, “There is no major impact on the business at this point, but we are investigating the possibility that customer information has been leaked.”

According to BANDAI NAMCO Holdings, a major manufacturer of games and toys, on July 3, unauthorized access was made to the internal systems of multiple group companies in Asia, and cyber by ransomware, a computer virus that demands a ransom. It means that the damage of the attack has occurred.

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The company says that it will not have a significant impact on the business at this time, but it is possible that customer information in Asia other than Japan related to businesses such as toy sales has been leaked, so we are investigating in detail.

According to an information security company, a group of hackers calling themselves “ALPHV” who are attacking companies using ransomware claims to release data of group companies that are believed to have been stolen on a dark site on the Internet. It has been confirmed that.

“Bandai Namco Holdings,” says, “We deeply apologize for causing a great deal of concern and inconvenience to everyone involved.”


Source: Anime News Network

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