Bang Brave Bang Bravern Anime Introduces Mechanical Designer

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

Cygames and Cygames Pictures initiated the streaming of the inaugural “Designer Introduction” video for their collaborative project, the original TV anime “Yūki Bakuhatsu Bang Bravern” (Bang Brave Bang Bravern), under the direction of Masami Obari.

This video, unveiled on Monday, offers insight into the creative minds behind the show. Illustrator MORUGA takes the spotlight as the anime’s mechanical designer.

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Within the video, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the intricately crafted robot designs previously teased in promotional visuals. The video doesn’t stop there, showcasing the meticulous cockpit designs as well.

Guiding this innovative robotic spectacle is none other than Masami Obari, renowned for their work on anime like “Gravion,” “Gravion Zwei,” “Angel Blade,” and “Battle Arena Toshinden.”

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Anime

Cygames Pictures, the animation studio responsible for notable works such as “Blade Runner: Black Out 2022” and “Princess Connect! Re:Dive,” brings Obari’s vision to life on the screen.

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MORUGA, the mastermind behind Kotobukiya’s Hexa Gear plastic model kit, lends their exceptional design prowess to the anime. The intricate world of mecha comes alive under MORUGA’s skillful guidance, promising a visual experience like no other.


Sources | Cygames Anime’s YouTube channelComic Natalie

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