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BEASTARS and Italian band Måneskin Manga collaborate on new Music Video

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2023)

On the previous Monday, Italian rock group Måneskin released a captivating animated music video for their track “Timezone,” seamlessly blending footage of panels from Paru Itagaki’s BEASTARS manga in a dynamic motion comic format.

This visually stunning music video marks the band’s second collaboration with the manga series, following a previous illustration created by Itagaki in October of the previous year, featuring the band alongside the beloved characters from the manga.

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Both the band and Itagaki provided remarks regarding their recent collaboration.

“We are incredibly delighted as our long-awaited collaboration with BEASTARS has been unveiled. Our harmonious melodies are now entwined with the enchanting world of the anime. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations, filling us with immense joy. We eagerly anticipate presenting it to you, hoping that you will derive immense pleasure from this endeavor.”

“I felt profound emotions and immense gratitude witnessing the sequential presentation of my arduous endeavors harmonizing flawlessly with Måneskin’s melodies. May all revel in the accompanying video’s brilliance. Upon your return to Japan this December, relish the delights of exquisite Japanese cuisine. I highly recommend indulging in the jovial atmosphere of an izakaya, a convivial establishment for casual wining and dining!”

Måneskin, an Italian rock band formed by vocalist Damiano David, guitarist Thomas Raggi, bassist Victoria De Angelis, and drummer Ethan Torchio, catapulted to global fame following their impressive achievements on the Italian talent show X Factor in 2017 and their triumphant performance at the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy in 2021. Their most recent album, Rush!, made its debut on January 20, featuring the captivating track “Timezone” as the third song in the lineup.

The initial season of the BEASTARS anime premiered on Netflix in Japan and on Fuji TV’s [+Ultra] programming block, along with TV Nishinippon, in October 2019. The season was later made available on Netflix internationally in March 2020. The second season of the series captivated viewers in January 2021, once again airing on Fuji TV’s [+Ultra] programming block in Japan. Outside of Japan, Netflix introduced the second season in July 2021. Excitingly, the anime is set to conclude with its final season.


Source | Comic Natalie

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