Beloved Pokémon Anime Voice Actor James Cathcart Retires Due to Cancer Diagnosis

James Carter Cathcart, a beloved voice actor, has sadly announced his retirement from the Pokémon anime due to an advanced form of throat cancer. His wife, Martha Jacobi, shared the heartbreaking news on Monday via CaringBridge, an online journal for sharing health updates.

Cathcart, who has been part of the Pokémon franchise since its first episode, has lent his voice to several characters such as Professor Oak, Gary, and Team Rocket’s James and Meowth. He has also worked as a script adaptor for many TV series and films in the franchise.

The news of Cathcart’s diagnosis was shared by his wife in January, where she revealed that he had an advanced cancer that appeared to have started at the base of his tongue and had spread on both sides. Cathcart received a six-week course of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, but unfortunately, it did not respond as expected.

In her latest update, Jacobi informed fans that Cathcart will begin a more aggressive treatment on May 1st, consisting of seven weeks of radiation therapy and simultaneous chemotherapy. Cathcart will retire at the end of the Pokémon anime’s 25th season, titled Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series in the U.S.

Cathcart’s voice has been cherished by fans worldwide, and he has also lent his talents to other anime shows such as Revolutionary Girl Utena and Tokyo Mew Mew. Our hearts go out to Cathcart and his family during this difficult time, and we wish him a speedy recovery.


Source – Kotaku via James Carter Cathcart’s CaringBridge page

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