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Berserk’s Kouji Mori Opens Up About Continuing the Manga After Kentaro Miura’s Passing

In a recent interview, Kouji Mori, the successor to the legendary Kentaro Miura in continuing the iconic manga “Berserk,” shared insights into the difficult decision he made following Miura’s untimely passing. Mori, who was also Miura’s closest friend, explained the emotional process that led him to take up the responsibility.

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Mori expressed, “I thought maybe I could do it. I thought Miura would be angry that I didn’t do anything, so I made the decision.” This heartfelt sentiment reflects Mori’s dedication to honoring his friend’s legacy by carrying forward the story they both held dear.

Addressing the challenges of maintaining “Berserk” without Miura, who served as both writer and artist for the series, Mori disclosed that he and the artists at Studio Gaga, who had previously assisted Miura, held extensive meetings to ensure the series would continue in a manner that respected Miura’s vision.

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“During the three-to-four-hour meeting, I explained the development to Studio Gaga staff,” Mori revealed. “Afterward, I exchanged personal messages with the chief. I give advice on drafts, but the final drawings are the work of Studio Gaga. The drawing skills of our staff, including Chief Kurosaki-kun, are extraordinary. I believe that after they complete Berserk, they will become artists who will leave their mark on the manga world.”

The interview also highlighted “Berserk’s” astounding global success, with a total circulation of approximately 60 million copies worldwide, encompassing both physical and digital editions. Since its inception in 1989, “Berserk” has resonated profoundly with audiences, transcending borders and captivating readers not only in Japan but across the globe. This enduring legacy stands as a testament to the enduring impact of Kentaro Miura’s masterful creation.


Source: IGN India

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