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Top 25 Best Gender Bender Manga / Manhwa Ever !!

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2023)

Manga, the immensely popular Japanese comic art form, has captivated a worldwide audience with its diverse genres, innovative storytelling techniques, and unforgettable characters. Exploring a multitude of themes, manga delves into the intricate and captivating realm of gender identity and expression, effectively challenging societal norms while pushing the boundaries of imagination.

In this enlightening blog post, we present a carefully curated selection of gender bender manga that is essential for any manga enthusiast. These remarkable works not only exemplify the profound depth of this theme within the medium but also provide a captivating insight into the multifaceted nature of identity, transformation, and self-discovery.

Whether you are an avid manga connoisseur or a curious neophyte, these captivating titles will undoubtedly transport you into a world where conventional norms are shattered, and the boundless realm of imagination reigns supreme.

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25. A Choice Of Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Imagine waiting an agonizing seven years to reunite with your dearest friend, from whom you were separated due to the vast distance between your cities. Finally reaching the airport, your heart brimming with anticipation, you unexpectedly encounter an exquisite stranger who possesses an uncanny familiarity with your being.

Little do you know, this alluring enigma is none other than your cherished confidante, who has undergone a breathtaking metamorphosis since your last encounter. Embark on a mesmerizing manga that delves into the heartfelt odyssey of a young man, as he endeavors to reignite the flame of friendship with a beloved comrade who has evolved in myriad ways.

24. Disgusting Otaku, Become an Idol!

Whoever claims that being an otaku is a negative trait? Meet our protagonist, Aisaka Yousuke, who takes immense pride in his passion for anime and idol culture. However, imagine his astonishment when he awakens one morning to discover a breathtakingly beautiful girl staring back at him in the mirror, now known as Aisaka Yoko.

Rather than succumbing to panic, Yoko wholeheartedly embraces her transformed physique, harnessing her extensive knowledge of idols to pursue her long-held aspiration of becoming the ultimate idol herself. Equipped with her unparalleled insights and newly acquired feminine allure, Yoko fearlessly ventures into the ruthless realm of the entertainment industry, encountering unforeseen challenges and unprecedented opportunities along the way.

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23. A Lazy Guy Woke Up as a Girl One Morning

When Masamune Yasuda, Shuuichi Hayasaka’s roommate, suddenly undergoes a gender transformation and becomes a girl, their once simple life takes an unexpected turn. Initially uncertain about sharing a room with a girl, Hayasaka finds Yasuda surprisingly unperturbed, often finding solace in sleep.

As the news of Yasuda’s gender change spreads, the reactions from those around them vary—from shock and confusion to fascination and attraction. Nevertheless, Yasuda remains unfazed, leaving Hayasaka to navigate the bewildering new reality of their cohabitation.

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22. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya Degurechaff, a renowned figure known as the Devil of the Rhine, fearlessly embarks on perilous aerial confrontations against military mages amidst the blood-soaked trenches. Armed with bullets, spells, and bayonets, she showcases her unmatched prowess as one of the Empire’s most esteemed warriors.

Yet behind her extraordinary skill lies a mind harboring the presence of a merciless and strategic former salaryman, who had previously led a tranquil existence in Japan before awakening in this war-ravaged realm.

21. I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!

After being away for ten years, Amano returns to his childhood home and enrolls in a new school, where he unexpectedly reunites with his long-lost friend, Yukio Sawatari. During a class session, something extraordinary happens: Yukio undergoes a remarkable gender transformation, emerging as a captivating young woman.

Amano finds himself in a state of disbelief, grappling to comprehend this sudden and profound change. While the rest of the class remains unperturbed by this astonishing occurrence, Amano’s concern for his friend’s well-being is palpable, as reflected in the poignant title of the story. One can’t help but empathize with Amano’s understandable anxiety in such a situation.

20. An Hour of Romance

In the workplace, Jooahn and Dojin present stark contrasts. Jooahn, a diligent professional, remains focused on her career and remains unwed, employing a strict managerial style. Conversely, Dojin, an appealing but clumsy individual, fortuitously stumbles into an entry-level marketing position.

During a company outing to an enigmatic temple, an unexplainable soul transference occurs, causing them to swap bodies for precisely one hour daily. To preserve their respective images and evade potential embarrassment, Jooahn and Dojin must collaborate seamlessly and patiently endure this peculiar situation.

19. A Boy who Loves Genderswap got Genderswapped so He acts out His Ideal Genderswap Girl

The story’s premise is self-evident: a boy with a penchant for gender swapping experiences a surprising twist of fate when he undergoes a gender swap himself.

In reaction, he wholeheartedly embraces his envisioned image of a gender-swapped girl, playfully taunting his friends as he unveils his transformation into an adorable young woman.

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18. The Cooking Wizard

YooJung, a food-loving tattoo artist, suddenly loses consciousness in an unforeseen accident. Upon awakening, he realizes that he has become Sylvia, a prominent character from a cherished novel he had previously read.

By happenstance, he crosses paths with Félix, the novel’s protagonist who wrestles with anorexia, a consequence of his stepmother’s abusive behavior, and is on the verge of throwing the continent into turmoil. Determined to refine his culinary expertise and create even more delectable dishes, YooJung’s Sylvia begins etching enchanting symbols onto her body.

17. Boku Girl

In front of a mystical mirror, a feminine-looking boy named Mizuki receives a heartfelt confession from another boy.

As Mizuki gazes into the mirror, the mischievous Trickster God, Loki, takes notice. Driven by sheer boredom, Loki plays a mischievous trick on Mizuki, turning him into an actual girl. This unexpected transformation sets off a whirlwind of chaos in Mizuki’s life, presenting a multitude of challenges and obstacles at every turn.

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16. Kanojo ni Naru Hi

The story revolves around Miyoshi, locked in perpetual competition with his childhood companion, Mamiya, and perennially falling short. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Mamiya falls critically ill and spends weeks in the hospital. Upon Mamiya’s return to school, an astonishing revelation awaits Miyoshi—Mamiya has undergone a profound gender transformation and has chosen to embrace life as a girl.

Miyoshi is taken aback by the sudden alteration of his friend’s gender and finds himself overwhelmed with confusion. Amidst this confusion, an alluring aspect of romance emerges, capturing Miyoshi’s interest, though he grapples to comprehend why.

15. Magical Trans!

While casually exploring the vicinity, Minami stumbles upon a captivating poster beckoning prospective members to join the Magical Girl Club. Mistakenly assuming it to be a cosplay-oriented society, he impulsively decides to become a part of it.

To his astonishment, Minami swiftly discovers that the club’s primary objective is not centered around mere cosplay, but rather dedicated to honing its members’ skills as genuine magical girls. Contrary to his initial expectations, Minami surprisingly discovers immense delight in being an integral part of the club, wholeheartedly embracing the enchanting lifestyle of a magical girl.

14. No Doubt in Us – Gender Bend Romance Manga

Inevitably, our union appears fated. An Emperor and Empress, grappling with trust concerns, inadvertently exchanged their physical vessels.

Amidst a chaotic entourage, a peculiarly behaving mother, and the Emperor confined within the body of a naive Empress, a sense of being inundated and impotent engulfs the Emperor.

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13. The Dawn in Moscow

Lee Siyoon relinquishes everything and defies his parents’ desires in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a concert pianist. Tragically, his fleeting career abruptly halts when a car accident renders his right hand immobile. Convinced that his existence holds no purpose, he contemplates taking his own life. However, rather than meeting his demise, he awakens in the midst of a group of Russian servants.

Suddenly thrust into an entirely new existence as Tatiana Yuryevna Belchenova, a Russian heiress, Siyoon finds solace only in the familiar embrace of the piano. Resolute in his determination, he embraces this new identity wholeheartedly and enrolls in Russia’s preeminent classical music school, steadfastly pursuing his passion.

12. Daughter of the Spirit King

On an ordinary day, Haein, a South Korean high school student, pays a visit to the swimming pool, only to be unexpectedly engulfed by a mysterious whirlpool, causing her to lose consciousness. When she eventually regains her senses, Haein finds herself immersed in the depths of the ocean, where she encounters a man named Ellime, claiming to be her father.

It is revealed to Haein that she is the progeny of the Spirit King and a half-elf mother. As she navigates through this unfamiliar realm that has been thrust upon her, she must find a way to overcome the formidable trials that lie ahead and ensure her survival.

11. Futari no Himitsu.

Saijou Kiki, a renowned model and former child prodigy, witnesses her fame soar to new heights following the release of a captivating advertisement. Despite her triumphs, she secretly nurtures affection for Takumi-kun, a fellow pupil at her school.

Unexpectedly, the tides swiftly change when she impulsively shares a kiss with Teppei, Takumi-kun’s companion, altering their lives in an unimaginable manner. By a twist of fate derived from an age-old tale, the duo mysteriously swap bodies, leaving Kiki bewildered within Teppei’s form and he confined to hers.

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10. TS Genbou Yuusha Series

Legend holds that the Holy Sword possesses extraordinary mystical properties, capable of granting the innermost desires of the individual who successfully withdraws it from its enchanted stone. In addition, this legendary weapon bestows upon its wielder the power to safeguard the world.

Against all odds, a youthful hero and their faithful companion triumph over the arduous challenge, triumphantly extracting the sword from its ancient resting place. However, to the astonishment of many witnesses, the hero’s fervent wish for the sword’s boon does not entail seeking dominion or acclaim.

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9. Fight Like a Girl

Troy Qi, a prodigious boxing/MMA athlete, garnered global acclaim as the reigning champion and the epitome of strength after an unforgettable match. However, his flourishing journey takes an unforeseen twist when he saves Tori He, a troubled student teetering on the edge of a rooftop balcony.

Inexplicably, Troy awakens to discover his demise and a bewildering transmigration, his essence now residing within Tori’s body. Consequently, the world’s most accomplished fighter must confront an unprecedented trial: adapting to life as a female combatant in high school.

8. Zenbu Kimi no Sei

Ryou Sagimiya possesses an uncommon medical condition known as Transsexual Syndrome (TSS).

While visiting Tensei Academy, Ryou encounters Nagisa Minakami, another student who shares the same condition. Captivated by the school and their encounter with Nagisa, Ryou decides to enroll at Tensei Academy.

7. Ichinensei ni Nacchattara

Embarking on the gender-bending manga adventure, Takatou Iori, a sophomore in high school, sets out to confess his affection to his classmate, Kusanagi Mikuru, clutching a poignant love letter in hand.

Yet, his carefully crafted plans take an unforeseen twist when a fateful encounter with a delightful first-year elementary school girl leaves him colliding with an oncoming truck, sacrificing himself to shield her. Awakening from the accident, Iori is bewildered to discover that a lecherous doctor has resurrected him as a bona fide first-year elementary school girl.

6. Mei no Naisho

In this captivating gender-bender manga, Mei Haruna, a youthful and delicate boy, has been lovingly raised as a girl by his enchantress mother, embracing a female identity throughout his life. Following the tragic demise of his mother, Mei enrolls in an exclusive all-girls high school.

Where he takes up residence in the school’s dormitory alongside his articulate familiar feline companion, Abel, and his roommate Fuuka Honjou, a diligent member of the public morals committee. Soon after Mei’s arrival, his friends unintentionally stumble upon his true gender during a mesmerizing magical spectacle that unfolds within the communal bath.

5. Princess Jelly Fish

Tsukimi Kurashita’s fascination with jellyfish ignited during a childhood visit to an aquarium with her mother. As she grows into adulthood, Tsukimi finds herself residing among a group of passionate Otaku women, yet remains an outcast in society’s eyes. Undeterred by societal judgment, Tsukimi nurtures her dream of becoming an illustrator.

While employed at a pet shop, Tsukasa’s path intertwines with that of a stunning young lady who aids in the rescue of a jellyfish. An unbreakable bond forms between Tsukasa and this alluring figure, who eventually becomes a frequent visitor. However, beneath the enchanting façade, a secret lies hidden: Kuranosuke, the visitor, is in fact a wealthy man who embraces the guise of a woman.

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4. Mei’s Secret

Mei Haruna, the protagonist of this manga, is a young girl who grew up under the care of her witch mother. However, after her mother’s demise, Mei moves into a dormitory, where she shares her new home with Abel, her talking cat, and Fuuka Honjou, a fellow member of the school’s public ethics committee.

Upon their arrival at the school, Mei and her friends are taken aback by a magical incident that occurs in the dormitory’s communal bath, revealing Mei’s true gender as male. This revelation comes as a shock, despite Mei being well aware of the physical disparities between herself and the other girls.

3. Wandering Son

Shuuichi Nitori, a fifth-grade girl, exudes natural femininity but grapples with the need to keep it concealed. Upon starting at a new school, fate places Yoshino Takatsuki, a tomboyish girl, right beside Shuuichi.

As they navigate their own uncertainties surrounding gender identity, they discover solace in one another. This manga tenderly explores transgender themes, presenting readers with a distinctive viewpoint that is both heartwarming and enlightening.

2. She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man 

Kagami, a member of the Nine Sages—a prestigious circle comprising the VR world’s mightiest sorcerers—dedicated himself to late-night gaming sessions. However, fate had other plans. Succumbing to exhaustion, he drifted into slumber, only to awaken to a bewildering reality—he had been transmuted into the form of a young girl.

This unforeseen predicament posed a dire threat to Kagami’s esteemed standing as a sage. The revelation of his true identity could tarnish his reputation irreparably. Thus, Kagami urgently sought a plausible explanation for this abrupt metamorphosis, desperate to safeguard the perception of his virtuosity.

1. Kampfer

Natsuru Senou, a high school student, embarks on a thrilling journey as a “Kampfer” – a formidable fighter who must undergo a transformation into a female to engage in fierce battles against fellow Kampfers.

This enthralling manga captivates gender-bender enthusiasts with relatable characters, adrenaline-pumping action, and an unprecedented premise that promises an unparalleled experience.


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