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Best of the Brits: Top 5 British Anime Characters

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2021)

Not necessarily all anime characters are from Japan. Fascinated by European settings, many anime and manga themes are either set in the land of red buses, black cabs, and fish and ships, or characters from under the Big Ben are placed to the far east, to the islands of Japan. Although Japan is in the middle of the East Sea, they sometimes want to take a break from pirates traveling the sea, such as the legendary, long-running One Piece anime. 

But all joking aside, the following are some of the greatest characters that you’ll love more than the sugar cubes in your five o’clock tea:

Sherlock Holmes

Top 5 British Anime Characters
Case File nº221: Kabukicho (2019)

Who else to start the list with, but with the famous Sherlock Holmes. This character has been reworked countless times, not only in movies but in a multitude of animations and animes as well. In most cases, the better-known stories have been adapted, but in some cases, the characters have been moved to present-day locations. Case File nº221: Kabukicho took the work in a slightly different direction. 

The ingenious Holmes, of course, solves the crimes one after the other in curious ways, while possessing his deductive and observational abilities, which he presents as a private play to his impromptu audience, even if the solution is mighty easy.

Sherlock Sherlock is a cruel, eccentric and silent person. He has a vivid sense of smell and observation that helps him draw accurate conclusions. 

When he solves a case, he delivers it in the so-called Mystery Solving Rakugo. This rakugo is performed with two alter egos, Kuma – a rhapsodic young man, and with Old Man – a cold and strict older man.


Top 5 British Anime Characters
Hetalia: Axis Powers (2013)

If we are listing British characters, we cannot not mention England, for obvious reasons. 

He is the main character in both the anime and manga series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the United Kingdom and England. The creator of the series later names him Arthur – again, for quite obvious reasons. 

Formerly a pirate, today he is a cynical and sharp-tongued gentleman. His remarkable traits include terrible cooking skills, inability to hold his liquor, a bad mouth, the ability to see supernatural beings, and the ability to magically curse his enemies. 

Britain is most opposed to France (also depicted as a man), with whom he has a long rivalry, and he has diverse feelings towards his former charge, America.


Top 5 British Anime Characters
Death Note (2006)

L has more personalities, one being the world’s best detective. He doesn’t care much about his appearance and he seems a bit unfriendly most of the time. He always crouches and consumes a crazy amount of sweets, which he explains is because his brain works overtime and uses a lot of calories, thus he can’t get fat – what an amazing perk! The explanation for sitting with his knees up, on the other hand, is that the efficiency of thinking is thus 40% better. L tends to question any omitted facts, and although he has a strong sense for justice, in order to prove what he believes is true, he can sometimes sacrifice even human lives. 

Allen Walker

Top 5 British Anime Characters
D.Gray-man (2016)

Allen Walker is a kind-hearted 15-year-old boy. He wants to get to the Black Order, which is the headquarters of the Exorcists. His parents threw him out when he was a child because he was born with one hand completely burned. He has a very distinguishable scar on the left side of his face that starts out like a pentagram on his forehead and trails down in a line that separates his eyebrows, all the way down to his chin. 

He is a do-gooder, a sweet boy, who is willing to do anything for others. However, rough times toughen even the sweetest souls. By perfecting his poker skills to pay off some debt, his dark side rose stronger. His personality changed thanks to perfecting his cheating techniques, which most times overwhelmed and intimidated those around him. 


Top 5 British Anime Characters
Emma: A Victorian Romance (2005)

Emma is the protagonist of the historical romantic drama anime with a rugged fate who, despite her poor background, falls in love with a wealthy nobleman. Originally from Yorkshire, where she lived with her aunt after the death of her parents, she did not have a careless childhood. Treated as a burden as a child, for not being of any use, she still did the best she could to help her family. In doing so, she gets kidnapped by a child trafficker. Luckily, she manages to escape him just before he could sell her to a brothel. After her abduction, she escapes to London where she got a servant’s job. Kelly Stoner later took her in as a maid and treated her as her own child. Her relationship with William started out with difficulty and she didn’t recognize the dangers involved. However, when she realized they could never be happy, she returned to her home village. 


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