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The Best 25 Outstanding Yuri Manhwa/Lesbian Comics

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2023)

Yuri is an enchanting genre showcasing romantic relationships between two girls, depicted through captivating illustrations or animated storytelling. If you’re new to this genre or have exhaustively explored its offerings, fear not! The realm of manhwa is an excellent starting point. While the selection of manga yuri manhwas is still growing, there’s a decent array to delve into. Whether you lean towards manhwa or yuri, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey into this captivating new world.

The Best 25 Outstanding Yuri Manhwa/Lesbian Comics

To assist you in navigating through the vast options, we have meticulously curated a list of the top 10 Yuri Manhwa that we wholeheartedly believe are worth your precious time. It’s important to note that some of these works may contain adult content, distinguishing them from traditional shojo manga. However, if that’s precisely what you’re seeking, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Our rigorous search has led us to discover the very best yuri manhwas available. As aforementioned, exercise discretion while indulging in these enticing tales.

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25. I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up

I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up

A weary Japanese woman, exhausted by her parents’ insistence on her finding a life partner, reluctantly consents to a fabricated union with her high school best friend. However, what commences as a counterfeit agreement swiftly unveils unforeseen revelations about their connection.

Morimoto, a young Japanese career woman, yearns for her parents to cease their relentless pursuit of finding her a husband and pressuring her to settle down. Unexpectedly, a childhood friend proposes an unconventional solution—a sham marriage between the two of them—to dissuade Morimoto’s parents. However, this seemingly contrived union might unexpectedly reveal something remarkably genuine!

24. Girl Friends

Girl Friends

High school has turned out to be far from Young’s initial expectations. Firstly, the school has segregated buildings for girls and boys, eliminating any chance of a serendipitous encounter with Bitna, her handsome, kind, and mesmerizing crush.

Secondly, an enigmatic and disturbed girl lurks within Young’s class, a secret known only to her. To compound matters, this girl happens to be the epitome of Bitna’s desires. Determined to retaliate and capture Bitna’s affection, Young embarks on a mission, but misfortune befalls her, setting off a rapid descent into chaos.

23. Doughnuts Under A Crescent Moon

Doughnuts Under A Crescent Moon

Under constant pressure from her social circle and family to find love, office worker Hinako Uno invests significant effort into her appearance and demeanor, striving to conform to society’s idealized image of a young woman. She firmly believes that by winning someone’s affection, she will be able to find self-acceptance and love in return.

At the same time, Asahi Satou, Hinako’s senior colleague at work, assumes the role of her sister’s legal guardian and becomes the sole provider for their family after the passing of their last remaining relative. Driven by a deep desire to offer the best possible support to her sister, Asahi wholeheartedly dedicates herself to matters she deems essential, dismissing aspects like love as inconsequential in her pursuit of providing for her family’s well-being.

22. Transfer Student

Transfer Student

Since childhood, Ju Ingong has sported an imposing countenance that perpetually emanates anger. This visage has been a source of perpetual trouble, triggering the initial events of the manhwa’s plot. Complementing his fierce face, Ju’s hair stands in unruly spikes. In the Reboot series, he develops a tendency to roll up his sleeves.

Despite his formidable appearance, Ju Ingong conceals a timid nature, compelled to feign toughness to avoid physical altercations. He constantly seeks ways to project strength without substantiating it genuinely. Most of his triumphs occur by sheer happenstance, while others result from his astute strategizing. Curiously, despite his cowardice, none of his peers seem to perceive it due to his captivating facial expressions and demeanor.

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21. Fluttering Feelings

Fluttering Feelings

The comic revolves around the lives of Kim No-Rae and Baek Seol-A, two Business University students. No-Rae, though average and slightly immature, is complemented by Seol-A, whose captivating beauty draws attention.

The story delves into their daily struggles, friendships, and the gradual deepening of their bond. As their friendship grows stronger, both No-Rae and Seol-A grapple with the complexity of their relationship. However, in a heart-wrenching turn of events, the author was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and made the difficult decision to halt the series, prioritizing her health. Sadly, Ssamba, the author, passed away in February 2018.

20. The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

Jung Erae, utterly clueless about relationships and men, inadvertently pushes away every potential partner. In her desperation, she reaches out for help and stumbles upon the enigmatic love specialist, Cha Yoon. Astonishingly, Erae finds herself inexplicably drawn to this self-proclaimed expert, as unfamiliar emotions begin to take root within her.

The digital publication of “The Love Doctor” in English began on June 3, 2016, and concluded on January 2, 2018, under the banner of Lezhin Comics.

19. Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Demons and angels, once archenemies, grew weary of their ceaseless conflict as the tides of time shifted. In a bid to forge a harmonious coexistence, they devised an audacious scheme—a matrimonial plan! The plan entailed a year-long period of close observation, wherein the compatibility between the devil and the angel would be assessed.

Should their rapport prove untenable, the marriage would be promptly dissolved. By an ironic stroke of fate, Jiacheng, the devil, and Yu Shanshan, the angel, were “fortuitously” chosen via lottery as partners for this matrimonial endeavor. And so, with a goal of eventual separation, they embarked on what could be described as a “delightful” cohabitation, brimming with unforeseen challenges.

18. It would be great if you didn’t exist

It would be great if you didn’t exist

In the most unexpected circumstances, Guk-Hwa encountered her dream girl. After an intense kiss with Jang-Mi, she abruptly departed. A few days later, as Guk-Hwa left her workplace, she unexpectedly spotted Jang-Mi on a different train.

In that moment, she contemplated stepping off her own train to reunite with Jang-Mi, thinking, “Why did I even hesitate? The issue with that guy is already resolved anyway.” Meanwhile, Jang-Mi finished her shift, but her mind was consumed by thoughts of their disagreement over the guy. Frustrated, she left work feeling agitated, as Guk-Hwa’s presence persistently invaded her thoughts.

17. Ring My Bell

Exciting news! Mai Sohn, a talented writer, receives a promising offer from a renowned publisher to create a webcomic centered on relationships. However, just as she starts to embark on this new project, her world is shaken by a sudden breakup with her girlfriend, leaving her heartbroken and struggling to find the necessary inspiration to delve into the topic of love.

To make matters worse, her neighbor, who initially appeared friendly, displays puzzling and inconsistent behavior towards Mai, oscillating between moments of ease and discomfort. Can’t poor Mai catch a well-deserved break?

16. Birdcage Girl

Birdcage Girl

At Yeonkwang Arts High School, students find themselves categorized into two distinct groups. The gifted ones relish in privileges and admiration, while the rest grapple with challenges, yearning to fulfill their ambitions.

Among these talented students, Chung-Eun has developed strong feelings for Yumi, a girl with lesser abilities. While Chung-Eun might be captivated by Yumi’s allure, little does he know that Yumi has her own ambitions and strategies in motion.

15. Blooming Sequence

On a rainy night, the president of Seowoo found herself standing outside a bar. As if scripted, a young girl emerged from the downpour, nearly colliding with her. In a captivating moment, the girl’s melodic voice filled the air, serenading Seowoo with “Dancing in the Rain.”

This fleeting encounter resonated deeply, leaving Seowoo with the sensation of a cinematic rendezvous, reminiscent of the girl’s appearance at her film club.

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14. Between The Seasons of Summer and Autumn

Between The Seasons of Summer and Autumn

A teen harboring concerns about growth, affection, and companionship. Their mothers, long-time friends, forged a deep bond with them at the age of seven. Simultaneously, their daughters, Ga-ul and Yuh-reum, found a profound connection blooming within them.

Today, a decade later, both young individuals are accomplished athletes, sharing the same high school and continuing their extraordinary journey together.

13. Youth Chain

Jia, an ordinary girl among her peers, finds herself irresistibly drawn to Yoona, a mesmerizing beauty who is practically idolized at their school.

Despite their stark differences, Jia can no longer suppress her emotions. However, the true essence of Yoona remains a captivating mystery. Join us to witness the blossoming romance between these two individuals!

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12. Partition


In her adult years, Lee Yu-na has successfully obtained an entry-level position in an office setting. Interestingly, she finds herself in the company of other newcomers. Coincidentally, Han Yu-na, a recent addition to the development team, encounters Lee one fateful late evening.

I joined the Cable Channel online business with a motive in mind. Simultaneously, I became part of the planning team, taking on the role of the department’s mascot. With a joyful demeanor and a heart as pure as an angel’s, I ignited a protective instinct among my colleagues despite my diminutive stature.

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11. White Angels Do Not Have Wings

White Angels Do Not Have Wings

The anticipation for a tranquil school life loomed large. Ayeon, subjected to daily torment at her Catholic institution, yearned for respite.

Enter Yeonhwa, a courageous soul who confronted the bullies one fateful day. While Ayeon might feel grateful, an inexplicable depth of motive resides within this young lady, surpassing mere good intentions.

10. My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend

My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend

In this extraordinary Yuri Manhwa tale, the presence of a boy shatters the norms. Two girls embark on a new relationship, only to be haunted by the persistent intrusion of one of their ex-boyfriends. Although the new girlfriend typically doesn’t delve into her partner’s past relationships, her curiosity gets the better of her. Who exactly is this enigmatic individual?

What is the underlying story behind her ex-boyfriend’s relentless pursuit? Surprisingly amiable, he refuses to give them space. Yearning for answers, she finds herself drawn deeper into this intricate love triangle that defies the conventional narrative of Yurik Manhwa.

9. Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily

Every day, Lily unfolds the tale of two college girls who discover love. Both are lesbians, yet one possesses a grounded and practical outlook, while the other is intimately acquainted with the realm of 2D art, devoid of real-life encounters. When these two cross paths, a fresh and mature connection emerges.

Everyday Lily caters to a wide audience, offering a delightful blend of romance, levity, and subtle wit. Brimming with initial encounters, this tender romance grants even the most ardent romantic a glimpse into the conventions of love stories. Witnessing the unfurling of a maiden relationship through the eyes and experiences of these characters evokes a profound sense of emotion.

8. Lilith


Lilith is a captivating manhwa that delves into the intimate lives of a close-knit group of women. Meet Jaehee, our determined protagonist, a respected high school teacher known for her diligent work ethic. Yet behind closed doors, Jaehee finds solace in the realm of serious BDSM, especially when exploring this dynamic with her childhood friend, Huilin.

However, the introduction of Sulhwa, a new teacher at Jaehee’s school, brings about unexpected shifts in their lives and relationships. As the trio navigates their burgeoning emotions, Lilith emerges as a groundbreaking yuri manhwa, injecting the often challenging world of yuri with thrilling BDSM elements.

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7. Just Right There!

Just Right There!

The tale commences with Min Do Yeon’s heterosexual relationship with her boyfriend, which encounters unexpected hurdles. Distraught, Yeon bravely concludes their connection with a heart-wrenching text message. Overwhelmed by sorrow, Yeon finds solace in the comforting presence of Bo Kyung, her dearest companion.

To prevent Yeon from succumbing to the weight of her experiences, Kyung proposes a night out for drinks, keeping a secret that the venue they visit caters exclusively to women. Unbeknownst to Yeon, her unforeseen kiss in the embrace of her closest confidante will forever alter the course of her existence.

6. The Third Party

The Third Party

The unique setting for this captivating drama unfolds within a broadcasting center, solely owned by a remarkable group of influential women. Among them is the stunning and affluent heiress of the company, whose allure is matched only by her wealth.

We also encounter a news anchor, driven by ambition and an unwavering work ethic as she strives to ascend in her career. Lastly, a backstage producer lurks in the shadows, concealing a depth that goes beyond mere appearances. These three women find themselves entangled in a love triangle fueled by secrets, ambition, and the allure of wealth, power, and other enticing perks.

5. Elixir


The opening of Elixir unveils what seems to be an enchanting tale of affection between Siyeon and Eunha during their high school days. However, it transpires that Siyeon had resorted to a love elixir to alleviate Eunha’s anguish. Devastated by the revelation of Siyeon’s fabricated sentiments, they part ways, never anticipating a serendipitous reunion a decade later.

Siyeon musters the courage to propose to Eunha, and in the unforeseen reunion, Eunha embraces the opportunity to begin anew. Slowly but surely, Eunha mends her shattered trust in her beloved, until the intricate web of enchantment once again intertwines with their lives.

4. Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden revolves around ethereal floral beings residing in a enchanted realm. Trapped in a desolate brothel, their destiny compels them to provide companionship. Their affectionate allure captivates all, as they are perceived to possess boundless sensuality.

Dohwa, yearning to liberate herself from her current predicament, finds solace in concocting elixirs, hopeful that they will pave her path to freedom.

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3. What Does the Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say?

This is a intricate tale of three women and their intricate bonds. Sumin, the central character, is not only the CEO of a mobile gaming firm but also entangled with her ex-partner Seju, who happens to own the company.

Regardless of her other relationships, Sumin finds herself gravitating back towards Seju, who cunningly manipulates the situation for her own gains. However, the introduction of Seongji, a stunning new employee, adds further complexity as she captivates Sumin’s heart completely.

2. Pulse


Pulse narrates the tale of Mel, a youthful lady. Being an esteemed cardiac surgeon, she has achieved remarkable professional success and remains frequently occupied. While engaging in intimate encounters on occasion, she refrains from forming committed relationships.

Mel perceives sx solely as a pleasurable means to alleviate the strains of her demanding occupation, devoid of any emotional attachments. However, her encounter with a remarkable individual triggers a profound introspection, challenging her long-held perceptions of sxuality.

1. Lily Adore

 Lily Adore

Lily Love weaves a tale of serendipity between Donut and Mew, young women whose paths unexpectedly intersect. From a fortuitous encounter springs a profound connection, brimming with affection and allure, encompassing tender rendezvous and enduring reminiscences.


Despite disparate origins, Donut and Mew surmount every obstacle, unyielding in their commitment to their love. Lily’s Love, an enchanting Yuri Manhwa, serves as an indispensable tome for ardent dreamers.

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