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Black Clover | Asta is An Angel or Half Devil | Who is The Anti-Magic Demon?

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

The first thing we need to establish is the existence of angels in Black Clover, to do this I need to refer to Dante’s Inferno, Viking mythology and the Kabbalah as these three major principles is what Tabata has based the anime on. We all know Asta and Yuno were left at a church, church meaning there is some concept of religion in the black global universe there must be a culture whose’s significant event that caused the birth of worshipping a god, it’s not like Zeus.

Please Check out this video from YouTube Channel Anime Balls Deep.
The guy make awesome videos of anime-manga theories and explanation.
This article is based on this video. I liked this theory that why share it.

The lily, the other nuns and father all seek him to disbelief out of nowhere. Belief is something that stems out of knowledge, meaning an event in history caused it to happen maybe a prophet a messiah or whatever you want to call it, just like in real life it is said God to occur, for example we know for a fact the elves will worship gods like humans for being blessed by mana, not only that we know the elves are based on the Kabbalah tree of life. Most specifically the ten apostles of Saphira in Chapter 182, the elves admitted that the ten Apostles are chosen by God and have divine communication with their God that they worship but going back to the point the concept of gods is foreshadowed in black lava, which only means angels could be – or any other race.

You can presume to further back this up is Dante explaining the tree of death and his whole character being inspired from Dante’s Inferno. Recently we explained that this arc is very heavily inspired by Dante’s Inferno where alla handsome devil Dante pretty much made a deal with Lucifer God’s arch nemesis. Dante’s Inferno is about a man named Dante who travels through hell in the nine circles ,who is guided by Virgil.

Dante encounters Lucifer the great demon located in the center of hell, Lucifer as we know is the Phoolan angel of the Bible who was overcome by his pride and betrayed God to create his kingdom and have his own underlings very much just like how Dante is doing in black clover. Angels likely hailed from the realm of God, wish captain traitor over here aka mr. William Vaughn giance holds the arcane ability of the world tree. The nine worlds present in the world tree of addressee oh how these nine Nordic realms number one being made God which is like earth in our world.

Number two is the world of giants, number three is the land of the elves, number four is the realm of the gods of wisdom, number five is the world of darkness number, six is the realm of the dishonored day number seven is the world of the dwarves number eight is the land of fire and number nine the realm of the gods.

Now this is the key a realm of gods would be akin to our heaven right hence there logically should be existence of God’s own disciples being angel. It’s also the perfect parallel to the demons who plagued the other world and have their own leader Lucifer’s daughter in Chapter 246 that he and the dog tried plan to use William and Yami to create the tree of death that leaf or tree , is another point of angels existing because Dante claims the combination of Yami’s dark magic and the world tree. Create the tree of death which links all the nine realms together. The tree of death is the direct opposite of the Tree of Life that was activated by the elves lost saga in Jewish mythology a popular theory was that the elves from last time represent the angels you know due to their white clothing excess mana being worshiped by humans for their power and of course being part of the Tree of Life.

However, the nine realms have distinct locations for each mythical race where the elves hail from Alfheim and gods hell from Ascot which by the way it’s possible that this is the afterlife list and Lucifer went off to when they died after Fighting’s a war. It’s also important for world building purposes to include a brand new species to counter the devil problem as this Ark sets up some one-piece level of exploration to covered the world of black clover which Tabata says he wants to be as long as one piece.

So with that I have established the concept of angels or other races being introduced as plausible now I can go ahead and explain how Oscar and his demon could be linked to make sense of it all according to the half angel half devil or whatever type of theories that you all have. The first point goes to Asta having a mutation wonder when queen inspected his body she stated that Asta being monolith seems to be caused by a mutation that has occurred however, him being not special is what makes him special.

The witch Queen even stated that the anti magic has been flowing throughout asters body but she didn’t even know that he was emitting this energy from the sword that’s going inside him in chapter 97 she talks about aster in a manner where he has been chosen by his power she says the anti magic power will become a raging torment.

A sudden mutation kept mana from dwelling in you now we have to wonder okay and mutation makes sense but still there has to be a reason for a mutation just like in real life everything has a reason and we know why it occurs at birth.

Mutations are changes in the genetic sequence and they are the main cause of diversity among organisms these changes occur at many different levels and they can have widely differing consequences and biological systems that are capable of reproduction we must first focus on whether they are heritable specifically some mutations affect only the individual that carries them while others affect all the carriers organisms offspring and further descendants for mutations to affect and descendants they must one occur in cells that produced the next generation and to effect a hereditary material .

Hereditary mutations are inherited from a parent and are present right in a person’s life in virtually every cell in the body. We know Asta has been mana less his whole life even as a kid this mutation could have been caused due to him being an experiment child in his super soldier program or half of another race that is from a different world for example in Chapter 229, the captain of the Candela stated that mana dwells in lifeforce however after has no mana and his magic destroys life itself such as the flowers withering away in chapter 96 so the question is how is aster alive it’s such a huge anomaly in black clover and going back to chapter 2 room 22 as Dorothy stays that Devils can only enter the human world from anomalies occurring and thus a contract is made with a sacrifice for a sum of the devil power in return Zachary’s a great and julius said using Wagg magic causes you to change permanently making you lose humanity.

This would then explain why Asta can use wegg magic freely without a cost in return unlike the other characters let’s say Oscar is half-demon angel Iranian experiment this theory would fix the explanation of how aster is using forbidding magic so freely due to having a different form to humans of Earth to him using this magic isn’t actually forbidden another factor that points towards asked of being an experiment or otherworldly human is him surviving zagraz magic in chapter 2 O 3 that he used a spell that devours life it leached out life force out of Yami’s hand but as I already established aster has no mana meaning he has no life force he is not an ordinary person no one knows why Ata came out unharmed we have to wait and see how this occurred since there are only three possibilities which are its because these monoliths it’s because the anti magic demon helped him but Asta is otherworldly just like the devil in fact we also know in chapter 97 page 16 the word magic devil said that the other devil is resonating with his magic austin resonated with him which allowed him to further push his anti magic even to a greater form which could imply that aster could be from another world.

We also know for a fact that grimoire disappeared once the user dies however next grandmana did not disappear after it became a five leaf as he died to the first wizard King as the demon God does this mean that the anti magic demon is the new owner of the five leaf grandmana or does the grandma of despair not disappear since they are special books they are what the Hat anyway going back to another piece of evidence is asked as abnormal strife and speed for a human since the very first chapter aster has been insanely strong possessing almost inhuman levels of physical strength and speed and this is all without magic for the longest time we’ve only just assumed this was because he worked how every single day to compensate for his lack of mana but what if it was actually the result of experiments or being another race from a different world.

Tabata has said that Asta is already the second strongest person physically in black clover and he is only 15 years old one piece of evidence is that he was super strong even as a baby if you look back at Epione you noticed us to keep the priests and made his nose bleed now I advise we all believe that this is a gag a little joke marry foreshadowing that he’s gonna be super strong and a bit of a handful let me give more examples of his raw strength why don’t I remember when Asta was about to punch this dude stealing mana from kids but instead he punches the wall but leaves an imprint of his hand smashing the rock to pieces not only that Asta is offering and shared when he defends his woman Rebekah against a drunk with one hand he powers slammed him into the ground over his body flinging him across the room that’s like slamming at least 300 pounds over yourself like nothing at 15 years old and this is not music magic.

Asta has abnormal amount of muscles his skin is so strong that he could survive faunas flame magic which asked to describe that it could reduce him to cinders if he moved closer, not only that but aster skin is so strong that when fauna and the well tried to slap him it actually backfired and hurt more-as he didn’t even feel it. They describe his skin is so hard like bricks he is also abnormally fast for a human William Vaughn gents thought he was using speed enhancing magic when he saw him for the first time Astor even put up to a wind magic user by just running early in black clover.

Anti magic demon state in Chapter 246 to Asta once, he loses to Dante and Lucifer the animatics demon says to Lucifer you won’t get away with this fans have said that this could imply that Lucifer must have done something to the atom magic demon in the past but has concealed the truth similar to the corruption of the kingdom this could be either destroying his clan or comrades or family to become this vengeful being that is the sin of Wrath.

I believe this could be a possibility since you know Dante’s inciting the nine circles of hell on earth, remember Dante in chapter of 46 states that he intends to have all the Devils pour into earth because he wants the world filled with malice we know he intends to do this with the tree of death right which includes a version of hell it can’t be argued that Dante is inciting the nine circles and the seven sins before he activates the tree now let me explain we know Dante is possessed by Lucifer who is the demon king right as well as being the leader of the dog tribe it’s logical to assume he assigned demons to his subordinates including Bonica and Zeno who he claims have other higher ranking demons due to Monica representing the Gnosticism in psychology of the dog try it she can represent the second circle of lust as she is shown to have lost over killing others and indulging in her power.

Veronica expresses this in Chapter turner fenton 9 when she licks her lips and excitement over killing the hawk Queen not only does the dudes be safe before this bitch xenon can represent the seventh circle of hell which is of violence Zenon representing the psychopathic tray of the dog tried fits into this circle as he’s shown to take pleasure in committing violent acts and he didn’t even care if his comrades died which can be seen in chapter Turin 58 against you know finally Auster can represent the fifth circle of Wrath as Dante incited this into him by attacking gosh the most daunting piece of evidence towards this is the description of the fifth circle which is in the swampy stinking waters of the River Styx the fifth circle they’re actively wrathful fight each other viciously on the surface of the slime while the sullen lie beneath the water withdrawn into a black saltiness which can find no joy in God oh man or the universe at the surface of the foul Marsh Dorothy elfs say is rights the active hatred grand and small at one another at the bottom the Sun and hatred like gurgling unable to even express themselves for the rage that chokes them Austin’s demon could be displaying the fifth circle of Wrath .

Tabata must be inspired from these nine circles to create this arc also in Chapter turner 42 and 243 was literally growling and snarling with a black mass of covering nearly his entire body and he was drooling he was too angry to express himself in normal human manner more importantly Astor did say in chapter 97 that the black form feels like being in a cool lake just like Dante’s Inferno he is normally someone who tries to withhold his anger and hatred to redeem his enemies as we’ve seen , and others if they are willing to change he doesn’t kill them which is passive wrath Asta says he feels the exact same thing as Dante does whilst using Webb magic but being human is suppressing these evil intentions and with the theories of Asta being otherworldly or Dante’s son.

Tabata definitely took inspiration from the various stories in Dante’s Inferno and Viking mythology to make this odd..

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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