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Black Clover Chapter 365 Recap, Spoilers, & Raw Scans!

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2023)

In the realm of Black Clover, a highly anticipated moment has arrived in Chapter 365, leaving fans exhilarated. Asta, the beloved protagonist, makes his triumphant return to the Clover Kingdom, bringing a glimmer of hope in the midst of despair. In this new chapter, Asta’s entrance promises to be nothing short of amazing as he prepares to rescue his friends from the clutches of Damnatio Kira, a formidable opponent at the supreme devil level. The fans eagerly await the unfolding events and the impact Asta’s return will have on the narrative.

The latest chapter of Black Clover, without a scheduled break, focuses on the fierce battle between Asta and the paladin Damnatio Kira. It is disheartening to witness the Black Bulls struggle to make a dent in Damnatio’s defenses, ultimately relying on Asta’s much-anticipated return. This highlights the narrative focus on the main character, Asta, rather than the side characters, hinting at the grander role he plays in the story according to Tabata’s vision.

However, amidst the intense action, the chapter also explores the heartfelt emotions of Secre, a member of the Black Bulls. She blames Asta for desiring happiness and the will to live, creating a touching moment that showcases the depth of her feelings for both Asta and the Black Bulls. Asta’s return stands as a testament to the epic entrances often seen in the Shonen genre, leaving fans thrilled and eager to witness the upcoming events in the story.

Black Clover Chapter 365, aptly titled “500 Years of Salvation,” delves deeper into the current events as Secre, utilizing her magic, aids the injured Black Bulls. However, her sealing magic only provides temporary relief, unable to fully restore their magical powers or completely heal their wounds. As a result, Gauche and Grey remain unconscious, adding to the urgency and challenges the Black Bulls face.

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In addition to the struggles they face, Magna warns Secre to keep her distance from Henry and Gordon, as their abilities unintentionally steal magic powers. The situation grows increasingly dire, prompting Charmy to unleash her fury and confront Damnatio Kira head-on. Utilizing her magic, she summons a larger wolf to battle Damnatio, giving the Black Bulls an opportunity to advance.

Despite her valiant efforts, Charmy ultimately falls to Damnatio’s second magic ability. It is revealed that some Paladins gain new magical powers after undergoing tuning, and Damnatio Kira has ascended to the rank of the Supreme Devil, harnessing Atmospheric magic power. With Damnatio’s enhanced abilities, he swiftly defeats the newly revitalized Black Bulls, realizing their attempt to buy more time.

As the Black Bulls face repeated defeat, Secre reflects on her existence as an Anti-Bird, having lived for five hundred years solely for her mission. Her monologues reveal that her devotion was solely to completing her mission, with no love for the world except for the first Wizard King. However, Lumiere, the first Wizard King, urges her to find new happiness and live for herself once her mission is complete.

Observing her friends from the Black Bulls being overwhelmed by Damnatio, Secre experiences anguish and pleas for him to cease. Damnatio draws near to the spell that will allow Asta to return, prompting Vanessa to intervene. However, she is swiftly defeated. As all hope seems lost, Secre tearfully calls out for Asta’s aid, acknowledging that it is because of him that she desires to live and has found her heart and true companionship.

In a thrilling climax, Black Clover Chapter 365 unveils Asta’s return as he emerges from a portal, gently tapping Secre’s head before boldly advancing toward Damnatio. Asta expresses his gratitude to everyone, and Secre envisions Lumiere within him, adding a profound and poignant element to the moment.


Black Clover Chapter 365 leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next installment, as Asta’s comeback marks a turning point in the story. With each new development, Yūki Tabata masterfully weaves a narrative filled with excitement, emotion, and the indomitable spirit of the Black Bulls. Stay tuned for further updates as the Black Clover manga series continues to captivate readers with its thrilling adventures.

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