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Black Clover Promo Raises Concerns Among Fans, Is the Manga Heading for a Hiatus?

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

Black Clover, the beloved shonen manga series, has come a long way since its debut in 2015. With an anime adaptation and an original movie under its belt, fans have been eagerly following the final act of the story, led by series creator Yui Tabata. However, recent developments have left fans anxious about the manga’s future.

In the latest issue of Shonen Jump, keen-eyed readers discovered something unsettling. While browsing through the website, fans noticed that the image featuring Shonen Jump’s prominent series, including Black Clover, had a hidden version without Asta, the protagonist. The concealed image can only be accessed by delving into the website’s code, causing speculation among fans about the series’ fate.

New Black Clover Promo Sparks Fears of Manga Hiatus

The absence of Black Clover from the image has sparked concerns and rumors about a potential long-term hiatus or a significant shift, possibly even a magazine change for the manga. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are on high alert for any upcoming announcements that may shed light on the situation. As the manga is currently in its final act, readers are particularly anxious about Asta’s future in the story.

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For those who haven’t had the chance to experience Black Clover’s captivating world, now is the time to catch up. The anime is readily available for streaming on platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll, while the manga can be accessed through the Shonen Jump app.

Black Clover follows the journey of Asta, a young boy with aspirations of becoming the kingdom’s greatest mage. Despite being unable to use magic, Asta receives a rare five-leaf clover grimoire that grants him the power of anti-magic. The tale revolves around his quest to become the Wizard King, showcasing determination and unwavering perseverance.

As the fate of Black Clover remains uncertain, fans are advised to stay tuned for further updates from the series’ creators and Shonen Jump. Whether this hidden image holds any significant implications or not, one thing is certain – Asta’s undying spirit will continue to inspire readers until the very end.


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