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Black Museum Manga’s Last Installment Releases Sept 14

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2023)

In the latest announcement from Kodansha’s Morning magazine, it was revealed that Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga series, “The Black Museum” (Kuro Hakubutsukan), specifically the story titled “Kuro Hakubutsukan: Mikazuki yo, Kaibutsu to Odore” (The Black Museum: Crescent Moon, Dance With The Monster), is set to conclude in the upcoming September 14th issue.

Kazuhiro Fujita initiated this captivating chapter of “The Black Museum” in Kodansha’s Morning magazine in March 2022. Notably, the fourth volume was released on June 22, and fans can anticipate the arrival of the fifth volume on September 22.

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This manga narrative revolves around novelist Mary Shelley’s quest to retrieve a lone red shoe left behind at a grand masquerade ball hosted by none other than Queen Victoria herself. It’s worth mentioning that professional dancer TAKAHIRO has made significant contributions to the manga, particularly in crafting intricate dance choreography.

Black Museum Manga's

Fujita, celebrated for his previous works such as “Ushio & Tora” and “Karakuri Circus,” initially introduced “The Black Museum” with “Kuro Hakubutsukan: Springald” back in 2007, published as a single volume by Kodansha. The series continued with “Kuro Hakubutsukan: Ghost and Lady” (The Black Museum: The Ghost and the Lady) from 2014 to 2015 in Morning, concluding with two volumes published by Kodansha.

For English readers, Kodansha Comics made “The Black Museum: The Ghost and the Lady” available in 2016, encompassing the first two volumes of the series.

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Beyond the pages, this engaging narrative has transcended into a stage musical, scheduled to debut in May 2024 at the prestigious Autumn Theater within the JR East Shiki Theater in Tokyo. Ticket sales for this eagerly awaited production will commence in January 2024.


Source | Morning magazine issue 41

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